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Agents can communicate with customer users via email, phone or SMS, and agents can communicate with other agents via notes. Additionally, it is possible to start processes, which can affect both agents and customer users.
The communication for all of these is managed by using tickets. This means, **OTRS** will convert any type of communications into tickets, and it will add the related messages as articles to the ticket.
Create Ticket
Use this screen to add a new ticket to the system. The ticket create screen is available from the main menu and from the action menu, as well as from the customer and customer user cards.
When agents start the communication, they can create *email tickets*, *phone tickets*, *process tickets* or *SMS tickets*. All communications result in a ticket, and the first message is added to the ticket as an article.
Email Ticket
Email ticket is used to send an email to the customer user or to other recipients when the ticket is created.
Phone Ticket
Phone ticket is used to record the information gathered during a phone call with the customer user. When the ticket is created, no email will be sent to the customer user. The ticket is treated as if it was originally created by the customer user.
Process Ticket
Creating a process ticket will start a defined process. The agents and the customer users have to follow the steps that are provided by the process. Any message created during a process ticket will create new articles in this ticket.
SMS Ticket
SMS ticket is used create a ticket and send the first article via SMS to the customer user. SMS ticket has a limited body size to fit the text to SMS length restrictions.
The following section explains how an agent can create a new request in the agent interface for the customer user. Creating email tickets, phone tickets and SMS tickets are almost the same, so the following sections will describe the ticket creation in a general manner.
The *Properties* widget is used to create the request for the customer user. This widget consists of four sections: *Customer*, *Assignment*, *Service Level Management* and *Communication*.
In this section, the customer user for whom the new ticket is being created can be selected. The customer user can be selected by typing the name into the field or by using the customer address book next to the field. Using the wildcard character \* is possible to search for the customer user.
Select Customer User
Customer User \*
The person for whom the ticket is created.
Customer ID
This field will be auto-populated by selecting a customer user.
In this section, the queue to which the ticket should be assigned, as well as the owner and the responsible of the ticket, are selected. The queue selection is mandatory.
Queue And Owner Selection
Queue \*
The queue into which the new ticket will be placed.
The owner is the agent who will actually work with the new ticket.
The responsible agent will be responsible for the ticket. This agent has the same permissions as the owner.
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