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OTRS Update Guide
This work is copyrighted by OTRS AG (, Zimmersmühlenweg 11, 61440 Oberursel, Germany.
**OTRS** is installed by the *Customer Solution Team*. Please contact the *Customer Solution Team* via or in the `OTRS Portal <>`__.
OTRS (Open Technology – Real Service) is an open source ticket request system with many features to manage customer telephone calls and emails. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and tested on various Linux platforms. Do you receive many e-mails and want to answer them with a team of agents? You're going to love OTRS!
About This Manual
This manual is intended for use by system administrators. The chapters describe the updating of the OTRS software.
There is no graphical user interface for updating. System administrators have to follow the steps described in the following chapters.
All console commands look like ``username> command-to-execute``. Username indicates the user account of the operating system, which need to use to execute the command. If a command starts with ``root>``, you have to execute the command as a user who has root permissions. If a command starts with ``otrs>``, you have to execute the command as the user created for OTRS.
Don't select ``username>`` when you copy the command and paste it to the shell. Otherwise you will get an error.
We supposed that OTRS is installed to ``/opt/otrs``. If OTRS is installed to a different directory, then you have to change the path in the commands or create a symbolic link to this directory.
Performance Tuning
There is a list of performance enhancing techniques for your OTRS installation, including configuration, coding, memory use, and more.
Ticket Search Index
OTRS uses a special search index to perform full-text searches across fields in articles from different communication channels.
To create an initial index, use this command:
Actual article indexing happens via an OTRS daemon job in the background. While articles which were just added in the system are marked for indexing immediately, it could happen their index is available within a few minutes.
There are some options available for fine tuning the search index:
Defines if archived tickets will be included in the search index (not enabled by default). This is advisable to keep the index small on large systems with archived tickets. If this is enabled, archived tickets will be found by full-text searches.
Basic full-text index settings.
``Ticket::SearchIndex::Attribute`` Setting
Run the following command in order to generate a new index:
Defines the maximum number of words which will be processed to build up the index. For example only the first 1000 words of an article body are stored in the article search index.
``WordLengthMin`` and ``WordLengthMax``


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