Template: AdminCustomerUser
This email address is not allowed due to the system configuration.
Context English Swahili State
Read only access to the ticket in this group/queue. Ufikivu wa kusoma tu kwenda kwenye tiketi katika kikundi hiki/foleni.
rw rw
Full read and write access to the tickets in this group/queue. Ufikivu wote wa kusoma na kuandika kwenda kwenye tiketi katika kikundi hiki/foleni.
Customer User Management Usimamizi wa mtumiaji wa mteja
Add Customer User Ongeza mtumiaji wa mteja
Edit Customer User Hariri mtumiaji wa mteja
Customer user are needed to have a customer history and to login via customer panel. Mtumiaji wa mteja anahitaji kuwa na historia ya mteja na kuingia kupitia paneli ya mteja.
List (%s total)
Username Jina la mtumiaji
Email Barua pepe
Last Login Muingio wa mwisho
Login as Ingia kama
Switch to customer Badili kwenda kwa mteja
This customer backend is read only, but the customer user preferences can be changed!
This field is required and needs to be a valid email address. Uga huu unahitajika na iwe anuani ya barua pepe halali
This email address is not allowed due to the system configuration. Barua pepe hii hairuhusiwi kwasababu ya usanidi wa mfumo.
This email address failed MX check. Barua pepe hii imeshindwa angalio la MX.
DNS problem, please check your configuration and the error log. Matatizo katika DNS, tafadhali anagalia usanidi wako na ingio katika makosa.
The syntax of this email address is incorrect. Sintaksi katika barua pepe hii sio sawa.
This password is forbidden by the current system configuration or it must not be equal to the last passwords.
This CustomerID is invalid.
Remove setup two-factor methods
No methods setup for user.
Revoke trusted devices
Revoke all
Effective Permissions for Customer User
Group Permissions
This customer user has no group permissions.
Table above shows effective group permissions for the customer user. The matrix takes into account all inherited permissions (e.g. via customer groups). Note: The table does not consider changes made to this form without submitting it.
Customer Access


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Template: AdminCustomerUser
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