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Save and finish
Context English Swahili State
Delete ACL Futa ACL
Delete Invalid ACL Futa ACL ambazo ni halali
Match settings Mipangilio ya kufanana
Set up matching criteria for this ACL. Use 'Properties' to match the current screen or 'PropertiesDatabase' to match attributes of the current ticket that are in the database. Weka vigezo kwa hii ACL.Tumia 'Sifa' kufananisha na skrini ya sasa au 'Hifadhidaya ya Sifa' kufananisha viumbi vya sasa vya tiketi ambavyo vipo kwenye hiadhidata.
Change settings Badili Mipangilio
Set up what you want to change if the criteria match. Keep in mind that 'Possible' is a white list, 'PossibleNot' a black list. Weka unachotaka kubadillisha kama vigezo vinafanana. Weka akilini kwamba 'Wezekana' ni orodha nyeupe, 'Haiwezekani' ni orodha nyeusi.
Check the official %sdocumentation%s.
Show or hide the content Onyesha maudhui
Edit ACL Information
Name Jina
Stop after match Simama baada ya kufanana
Edit ACL Structure
Save ACL
Save Hifadhi
or Au
Save and finish Hifadhi na maliza
Cancel Futa
Do you really want to delete this ACL? Je unahitaji kufuta ACL hii?
Create a new ACL by submitting the form data. After creating the ACL, you will be able to add configuration items in edit mode. Tengeneza ACL mpya kwa kukusanya data. Baada ya kutengeneza ACL, utakuwa na uwezo wa kuongeza kipengee cha usanidi katika
Agent Interface Styles Management
Manage the Styles of the Agent Interface
Hint Dokezo
In this screen you can tweak the layout of the agent interface by defining colors and images to be used. Preview area will be updated as you make your changes, but make sure to hit Save when you finish. The new layout will be immediately deployed.
Edit Styles
Login Logo
Select image to upload
Delete uploaded image
Will be displayed in the Login page.
Style and Variant


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