Template: AdminDynamicFieldDateTime
Here you can specify an optional HTTP link for the field value displayed in overviews and detail views.
Context English Swahili State
Comma separated list of mandatory keys (optional). Keys 'Name' and 'ValidID' are always mandatory and doesn't have to be listed here.
Sorted fields
Comma separated list of keys in sort order (optional). Keys listed here come first, all remaining fields afterwards and sorted alphabetically.
Searchable fields
Comma separated list of searchable keys (optional). Key 'Name' is always searchable and doesn't have to be listed here.
Default date difference Tofauti ya tarehe chaguo-msingi
This field must be numeric. Uga huu lazima uwe wa namba.
The difference from NOW (in seconds) to calculate the field default value (e.g. 3600 or -60). Tofauti ya sasa(katika sekunde) kukadiria thamani ya chaguo-msingi ya uga (mfano 3600 au -60).
Define years period Fafanua kipindi cha miaka
Activate this feature to define a fixed range of years (in the future and in the past) to be displayed on the year part of the field. Amilisha kipengele hiki ili kufafanua masafa ya miaka funge (kwa mbeleni na zamani) ili kuonyeshwa katika sehemu ya miaka ya uga.
Years in the past Miaka ya nyuma
Years in the past to display (default: 5 years). Miaka ya nyuma ya kuonyeshwa (chaguo-msingi: miaka 5).
Years in the future Miaka ya wakati ujao.
Years in the future to display (default: 5 years). Miaka ya wakti ujao itaonyesha (chaguo-msingi: miaka 5)
Show link Onyesha kiungo
Here you can specify an optional HTTP link for the field value displayed in overviews and detail views.
If special characters (&, @, :, /, etc.) should not be encoded, use 'url' instead of 'uri' filter.
Example Mfano
Link for preview
If filled in, this URL will be used for a preview which is shown when this link is hovered in ticket detail view. Please note that for this to work, the regular URL field above needs to be filled in, too.
Restrict entering of dates Zuia uingizaji wa tarehe
Here you can restrict the entering of dates of tickets. Hapa unaweza kuzuia uingizaji wa tarehe wa tiketi.
Possible values Thamani ziwezekanazo
Add Value Ongeza thamani
Add empty value Ongeza thamani tupu
Activate this option to create an empty selectable value. Amilisha chaguo hili kutengeneza thamani tupu inayowezakuchagulika.
Tree View Mandhari ya mti
Activate this option to display values as a tree. Amilisha chaguo hili kuonyesha thamani kama mti.
Translatable values Thamani zinazoweza kutafsirika.
If you activate this option the values will be translated to the user defined language. Kama utaamilisha chaguo hili thamani zitatafsiriwa kwa lugha ya mtumiaji.
Note Kidokezo


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