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Template: AdminSupportDataCollector
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Filter for States
Filter for states
Please also update the states in SysConfig where needed.
This state is present in a SysConfig setting, confirmation for updating settings to point to the new type is needed!
State type
It's not possible to invalidate this entry because there is no other merge states in system!
This state is used in the following config settings:
Sending support data to OTRS Group is not possible!
Enable Cloud Services
This data is sent to OTRS Group on a regular basis. To stop sending this data please update your system registration.
You can manually trigger the Support Data sending by pressing this button:
Send Update
Currently this data is only shown in this system.
Please register your system with OTRS Group or update your system registration information.
A support bundle (including: system registration information, support data, a list of installed packages and all locally modified source code files) can be generated by pressing this button:
Generate Support Bundle
The Support Bundle has been Generated
Please choose one of the following options.
Send by Email
The support bundle is too large to send it by email, this option has been disabled.
The email address for this user is invalid, this option has been disabled.
The support bundle will be sent to OTRS Group via email automatically.
Download File
A file containing the support bundle will be downloaded to the local system. Please save the file and send it to the OTRS Group, using an alternate method.
Error: Support data could not be collected (%s).
System Email Addresses Management
Add System Email Address
Edit System Email Address


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