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Template: AdminDynamicFieldDropdown
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Activate this feature to define a fixed range of years (in the future and in the past) to be displayed on the year part of the field.
Years in the past
Years in the past to display (default: 5 years).
Years in the future
Years in the future to display (default: 5 years).
Show link
Here you can specify an optional HTTP link for the field value displayed in overviews and detail views.
If special characters (&, @, :, /, etc.) should not be encoded, use 'url' instead of 'uri' filter.
Link for preview
If filled in, this URL will be used for a preview which is shown when this link is hovered in ticket detail view. Please note that for this to work, the regular URL field above needs to be filled in, too.
Restrict entering of dates
Here you can restrict the entering of dates of tickets.
Possible values
Add Value
Add empty value
Activate this option to create an empty selectable value.
Tree View
Activate this option to display values as a tree.
Translatable values
If you activate this option the values will be translated to the user defined language.
You need to add the translations manually into the language translation files.
This field type is not installed anymore, to restore full edition capabilities, please install its corresponding package!
Number of rows
Specify the height (in lines) for this field in the edit mode.
Number of cols
Specify the width (in characters) for this field in the edit mode.
Check RegEx
Here you can specify a regular expression to check the value. The regex will be executed with the modifiers xms.
This translation Translated OTRS 8/OTRS Add empty value
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Translated OTRS 8/Administration Manual Add empty value
Translated OTRS 8/Feature Add-ons Manual Add empty value


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Template: AdminDynamicFieldDropdown
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