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This option defines the dynamic field in which the most recent Process Management activity status is stored.
This option defines the process tickets default lock.
This option defines the process tickets default priority.
This option defines the process tickets default queue.
This option defines the process tickets default state.
This option will deny the access to customer company tickets, which are not created by the customer user.
This setting allows you to override the built-in country list with your own list of countries. This is particularly handy if you just want to use a small select group of countries.
This will allow the system to send text messages via SMS.
Ticket Notifications
Ticket Settings
Ticket body for approval of knowledge base article.
Ticket detail view
Ticket event module that triggers the escalation stop events.
Ticket overview
Ticket subject for approval of knowledge base article.
Tickets (Case and Process Management)
Tickets Status View
Tickets Where I Am Involved
Tickets in My Queues
Tickets in My Services
Tickets with Reached Reminders
Time & Resources
Time in seconds that gets added to the actual time if setting a pending-state (default: 86400 = 1 day).
Toggles display of OTRS FeatureAddons list in PackageManager.
Top menu item registration for the external interface. Additional menu links are defined by adding new items and specifying their parameters. “Group” and “GroupRo” arrays can be used to limit display of the links to members of certain groups with RW and RO permissions respectively. “Name” defines the displayed link text and “Description” will be shown in a tooltip on hover. “Link” is meant for an application route path or a link to an external site. Please note you can only define one of them at the time. “IsPublic” defines if the link will be shown to unauthenticated users and in case this is set to “1”, “Group” and “GroupRo” parameters will be ignored. “Target” will define link’s target attribute, please use “_blank” for opening in a new tab. “Prio” determines the order of the links, with smaller numbers displayed first.
Total Tickets
Tree view
Triggers add or update of automatic calendar appointments based on certain ticket times.
Triggers ticket escalation events and notification events for escalation.
Turns off SSL certificate validation, for example if you use a transparent HTTPS proxy. Use at your own risk!


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