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When a ticket reply or forward is created or when an event based notification is sent, the configured dynamic field of the ticket is checked. If the dynamic field contains a value, this value will be used as sender address.
If the dynamic field is not set, the default queue-based sender address will be used.
This feature should be used if your tickets have dynamic fields that contain email addresses which should be used as sender address.
With this feature dynamic field values are not checked in advance, therefore all values for the configured field need to be valid email addresses to prevent delivery errors.
A dynamic field *Customer location address* is configured to be used as sender address. The configured queue sender address is **. When an agent replies to a ticket, the *Customer location address* field is looked up and the sender address is determined.
Dynamic field value: France, sender address: France (dynamic field value is an invalid email address, the email will not send).
Dynamic field value:, sender address: (dynamic field value).
Escalation Suspend
This feature add-on not only makes **OTRS** an even better tool for solving problems quickly and shortening response times, it also provides greater precision when it comes to time accounting. If you need to pause an escalation, this feature add-on will do the job perfectly. The feature add-on allows you to configure one or more statuses that will put one or more escalations (SLAs) automatically on hold. For example, if you are waiting for a third party answer or for a process step to be carried out, this feature add-on will give you more freedom by allowing you to stop the escalation countdown. Removing the state will then reactivate the escalation(s) automatically, and the time left to process the ticket will be displayed once again.
This configurable status is basically a pause function for escalations. The time that passes when the feature add-on is active is not counted in the ticket’s resolution time. This provides greater time accounting precision.
Minimizes unnecessary escalations.
Enables precise time accounting.
Provides greater flexibility through its configurable status.
This package has no administrator interface, but includes the functionality to stop or suspend escalations. If a ticket is assigned to one of several configurable states, the escalation is stopped (disabled).
To configure the states where the escalation is stopped:
Select *OTRSEscalationSuspend* in the *Navigation* widget.
Add new entries to setting ``EscalationSuspendStates``.
If suspend escalation is needed for already escalated tickets, enable the ``SuspendEscalatedTickets`` setting.
Invalid states will not be considered as suspend states for the calculation.
When changing the state of the ticket to normal, the escalation will continue. In this case, it starts with the date when the status was changed, displaying the remaining time.
Therefore, the entire period when the ticket was not on a normal state is not counted for solution time. However, only periods when the ticket was in suspended states before first response is not counted for first response time.
Console Command
This package contains a console command ``Maint::Ticket::RebuildEscalationIndexOnline`` handled by the OTRS daemon used for resetting the escalation times to the point it was suspended. This script is the one in charge to reset the escalation time to the point it was suspended.
To check if the script is running, execute the following command and find the ``RebuildEscalationIndexOnline`` task in the *Recurrent cron tasks* section.
This package has no dedicated agent interface.
For this example escalations should be configured for at least one queue.
Example usage:
Go to one of the new ticket screens, and create a new ticket for one of the queues configured with escalation (for this example *Escalation - first response time* is OK).
Open the ticket detail view for the newly created ticket. Notice that the escalation is running.
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