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If your system is ready for productive work, don't forget to register it by using the :doc:`otrs-group-services/system-registration` procedure.
Finally, you can set the :doc:`external-interface/home-page`, the :doc:`external-interface/custom-pages` and the :doc:`external-interface/layout` of the external interface, as well as you can define a :doc:`external-interface/customer-service-catalogue` displayed in the external interface.
Become OTRS Expert
The next chapters of this manual describe the features and configuration settings of OTRS more detailed. There is a separated manual for `Configuration Options References`_, that gives you a good overview of :doc:`administration/system-configuration`, that can be modify the behavior of OTRS.
OTRS Group Services
A strong partner is good to have when dealing with mission-critical systems. Whether it be maintenance or for consuming cloud services, your partner should be tightly integrated.
The following chapter describes the tools you have available to integrate your system with the powerful cloud service offered by the *OTRS Group*.
Cloud Services
Use this screen to add cloud services to the system. A fresh OTRS installation doesn't contain any configured cloud services by default. The cloud service management screen is available in the *Cloud Services* module of the *OTRS Group Services* group.
Cloud Service Management Screen
Manage Cloud Services
Activate SMS Cloud Service
To be able to use SMS cloud service in OTRS, you have to activate it first. To activate the SMS cloud service:
Click on the *Activate SMS Cloud Service* button in the left sidebar.
Add Cloud Service Screen
The following settings are available when adding an SMS cloud service. The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.
Phone field for agent \*
Agent data field from which the mobile phone number for sending messages via SMS should be taken.
Phone field for customer \*
Customer data field from which the mobile phone number for sending messages via SMS should be taken.
Sender string \*
Will be shown as sender name of the SMS (Not longer than 11 characters).
Allowed role members
If selected, only agents assigned to these roles will be able to receive notifications via SMS.
Perform URL shortening
Perform URL shortening before sending the message.
Phone black list
A blacklist of telephone numbers where it is forbidden to send SMS messages to. Phone numbers must be added in international format without spaces, e.g. +491791234567, one number per field.
Data Protection Information
In order to be able to use the SMS transmission feature of the OTRS AG, the Data Protection Information needs to be read and understood.
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