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Personal Menu
Use this menu to customize your profile in OTRS. The personal menu is available via your avatar in the top left corner.
All settings changed in this menu affect only your profile, and does not affect the behavior of OTRS for other agents.
Use this menu item to leave OTRS and go to the login screen.
Clicking on this menu item will logout the agent without confirmation.
Use this screen to get an overview of notifications. The notification overview screen is available in the *Notifications* menu item of the *Avatar* menu.
If unread notifications are in this screen, a flag icon with number also indicates the number of unread notifications in the toolbar.
Notification Web View Screen
Notifications can be filtered by clicking on a state name in the header of the overview widget. There is an option *All Notifications* to see all notifications. The numbers after the state names indicates how many notifications are in each state.
To limit the number of displayed notifications per page and adjust visible columns:
Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the overview header.
Select the maximum number of notifications displayed per page and set the visible columns by drag and drop.
Click on the *Submit* button.
The order of visible columns can be set by rearrange the columns in the *Visible columns* field.
Personal Preferences
Use this screen to set personal preferences in OTRS. The personal preferences screen is available in the *Personal Preferences* menu item of the *Avatar* menu.
This overview screen consists of four modules.
User Profile
Notification Settings
Preferences Modules
Each module consists of widgets, which have two columns. In the first column is the setting, and in the second column is a description for the setting.
Do not forget to apply the changes by clicking on the tick icon in the right part of the widget.
This is the agent profile, where the account related settings can be changed.
Change password
In this widget the current password can be changed. To change the password, all fields must be filled.
Change Password Widget
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