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If several customers are added to the system, use the search box to find a particular customer. Only the first 1000 customers are listed by default.
Customer Settings
Customer ID \*
The internal name of the customer. Should contain only letters, numbers and some special characters.
Customer \*
The street name of the customer.
The zip code of the customer.
The headquarter city of the customer.
The country of the customer. Choose a country from the list.
The web page or other URL of the customer.
Add additional information to this resource. It is recommended to always fill this field as a description of the resource with a full sentence for better clarity, because the comment will be also displayed in the overview table.
Validity \*
Set the validity of this resource. Each resource can be used in OTRS only, if this field is set to *valid*. Setting this field to *invalid* or *invalid-temporarily* will disable the use of the resource.
Customer Information Center
Customer information center is a dashboard, which displays all relevant tickets and customer users belong to the customer. This dashboard has the same purpose as the agent dashboard: to see all relevant information at a glance.
Use this screen to access the customer dashboard. The dashboard is available in the *Customer Information Center* menu item of the *Customers* menu.
Manage Customer Tickets
Clicking on the *Customer Information Center* menu item will open a modal search dialog to search for a customer or a customer user. At least two characters need to be entered here.
Customer or Customer User Search Dialog
Usage of wildcards (\*) is also possible. Enter two asterisks (\*\*) to list all customers or customer users.
After a customer or a customer user is selected, the *Customer Information Center* dashboard will be opened. The dashboard contains many widgets.
The order of the widgets can be rearranged by drag and drop, and the widgets can be removed with the close icon on the top right corner of each widget.
See chapter :doc:`../dashboard/dashboard` for more detailed explanation of managing widgets.
Customer Information Center Dashboard
Customer Information Center Content Widgets
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