Perl Module: Kernel/WebApp/Controller/API/Frontend/External/Survey/
The survey is finished.
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Status changed.
- No queue selected -
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- Change Status -
Invalid Invalid
New Status
Survey Description
not answered
Survey List
Invalid Survey Key
The inserted survey key is invalid, if you followed a link maybe this is obsolete or broken.
Thank You for Your Feedback
You have already answered the survey.
The survey is finished.
A customer survey tool.
Do you really want to delete this question? ALL associated data will be LOST!
Do you really want to delete this answer?
A Survey Module.
A module to edit survey questions.
All parameters for the Survey object in the agent interface.
Amount of days after sending a survey mail in which no new survey requests are sent to the same customer. Selecting 0 will always send the survey mail.
Default body for the notification email to customers about new survey.
Default sender for the notification email to customers about new survey.
Default subject for the notification email to customers about new survey.
Defines an overview module to show the small view of a survey list.
Defines groups which have a permission to change survey status. Array is empty by default and agents from all groups can change survey status.
Defines if survey requests will be only send to real customers.
Defines maximum amount of surveys that get sent to a customer per 30 days. ( 0 means no maximum, all survey requests will be sent).
Defines the amount in hours a ticket has to be closed to trigger the sending of a survey, ( 0 means send immediately after close ). Note: delayed survey sending is done by the OTRS Daemon, prior activation of 'Daemon::SchedulerCronTaskManager::Task###SurveyRequestsSend' setting.


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Perl Module: Kernel/WebApp/Controller/API/Frontend/External/Survey/
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