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Template: AdminCloudServices
Here you can configure available cloud services that communicate securely with %s.
Context English Ukrainian State
Will be shown as sender name of the SMS (Not longer than 11 characters).
This field is required and must be not longer than 11 characters.
Allowed role members
If selected, only agents assigned to these roles will be able to receive notifications via SMS (optional).
Perform URL shortening
Perform URL shortening before sending the message.
Phone black list
Add phone number
A blacklist of telephone numbers where it is forbidden to send SMS messages to. Phone numbers must be added in international format without spaces, e.g. +491791234567, one number per field.
In order to be able to use the SMS transmission feature of the OTRS AG, I hereby declare that I have read and understood the %sData Protection Information%s.
Save configuration
Hint Підказка
System registration is a service of OTRS Group, which provides a lot of advantages! Реєстрація системи — це сервіс групи OTRS, який надає багато переваг!
Please note that the use of OTRS cloud services requires the system to be registered. Будь ласка, зауважте, що використання хмарних сервісів OTRS вимагає, щоб систему було зареєстровано.
Register this system Зареєструвати цю систему.
Here you can configure available cloud services that communicate securely with %s. Тут Ви можете налаштувати наявні хмарні сервіси, що захищено комунікують з
Available Cloud Services Доступні хмарні сервіси
Communication Log
Time Range
Show only communication logs created in specific time range.
Filter for Communications
Filter for communications
In this screen you can see an overview about incoming and outgoing communications.
You can change the sort and order of the columns by clicking on the column header.
If you click on the different entries, you will get redirected to a detailed screen about the message.
Status for: %s
Failing accounts
Some account problems
No account problems
No account activity
Number of accounts with problems: %s


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