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Template: AdminAutoResponse
Context English Danish State
Edit Attachment Rediger vedhæftet fil
Filter for Attachments Filter for vedhæftede filer
Filter for attachments
Filename Filnavn
Download file Download fil
Delete this attachment Slet denne vedhæftede fil
Do you really want to delete this attachment? Er du sikker på at du vil slette denne vedhæftning?
Attachment Vedhæftet fil
Auto Response Management Styring af autosvar
Add Auto Response Tilføj autosvar
Edit Auto Response Rediger autosvar
Filter for Auto Responses Filtrer autosvar
Filter for auto responses
Response Svar
Auto response from Autosvar fra
Reference Reference
To get the first 20 character of the subject. For at få de første 20 tegn af emnet.
To get the first 5 lines of the email. For at få de første 5 linjer af mailen.
To get the name of the ticket's customer user (if given).
To get the article attribute For at få indlægges attributter
Options of the current customer user data Valgmuligheder for den nuværende kundebruger
Ticket owner options Valgmuligheder for sagens ejer
Ticket responsible options Valgmuligheder for sagens ansvarlige
Options of the current user who requested this action Valgmuligheder for den bruger, der udfører denne handling
Options of the ticket data Valgmuligheder for sagens oplysninger
Options of ticket dynamic fields internal key values Valgmuligheder for sagens dynamiske felters interne nøgleværdier
Options of ticket dynamic fields display values, useful for Dropdown and Multiselect fields Valgmuligheder for sagens dynamiske felters visningsværdier, brugbart for Dropdown- og Multiselect-felter
Example response Eksempel på svar
Manage Chat Channels Håndter Chat-Kanaler
Add Chat Channel Tilføj Chat-Kanal
Edit Chat Channel Rediger Chat-Kanal


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