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Template: AdminRoleUser
Context English Catalan State
Permissions to add notes to tickets in this group/queue. Permisos per afegir notes als tiquets d'aquest grup/cua.
owner propietari
Permissions to change the owner of tickets in this group/queue. Permisos per canviar el propietari dels tiquets en aquest grup/cua.
priority prioritat
Permissions to change the ticket priority in this group/queue. Permís per a canviar la prioritat del tiquet en aquest grup/cua
Users with this permission type will only be able to observe chats in a channel after they have been invited.
Users with this permission type will be able to take part in a chat, but only after they get invited to it.
Users with this permission type will be able to accept chat customer/public requests and do all kinds of observer and participant actions on a chat.
Manage Agent-Role Relations Gestionar relacions Agent-Rol
Add Agent Afegir agent
Filter for Agents Filtar per agents
Filter for agents
Agents Agents
Manage Role-Agent Relations Gestionar relacions Rol-Agent
SLA Management Gestió de SLA
Edit SLA Editar SLA
Add SLA Afegir SLA
Filter for SLAs
Please write only numbers! Per favor escrigui només nombres!
S/MIME Management Gestió S/MIME
Add Certificate Afegir certificat
Add Private Key Afegir clau privada
SMIME support is disabled
To be able to use SMIME in OTRS, you have to enable it first.
Enable SMIME support
Faulty SMIME configuration
SMIME support is enabled, but the relevant configuration contains errors. Please check the configuration using the button below.
Check SMIME configuration


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