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Use this window to add new work orders to the change.
Add Work Order Screen
Instruction \*
Longer text description of the work order about what to do here.
Workorder Type
Select a type for the work order. The types are defined in class ``ITSM::ChangeManagement::WorkOrder::Type`` in the :doc:`../../admin/administration/general-catalog`.
Planned Start Time
Select a planned start time for the work order.
Planned End Time
Select a planned end time for the work order.
Planned Effort
Add a value in any work unit to specify the planned effort.
After adding a work order, the *Work Order Zoom* screen will be opened in a new browser tab.
Work Order Zoom Screen
The *Work Order Zoom* screen has an own menu.
This menu item opens a new window to see the history of the work order.
Work Order History Screen
This menu item opens a new window to edit the work order.
Edit Work Order Screen
Move following workorders accordingly
If this is checked, the subsequent work orders will be moved in time according to times set in *Planned Start Time* and *Planned End Time* fields.
Workorder Agent
Use this menu item to assign an agent to the work order.
Edit Work Order Agent Screen
Only those agent can be added as work order agent, who is member of group *itsm-change*.
Use this menu item to document the progress made on the work order. This screen can be used as log of work order.
Work Order Report Screen
Report \*
This is the body of the report. As there is only the same text area for all reports, it is suggested to add timestamps to each entries.


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