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Context English State
Select a possible result for the decision. The available decision results can be set as :doc:`../../admin/processes-automation/dynamic-fields`.
Decision Date
Select the date and time when the decision was made.
Ticket Close Window
Select if a review is required after the ticket close.
Free Fields
Ticket Free Fields Window
Select a type for the ticket.
To remove this field, disable this system configuration setting:
Ticket Compose
Ticket Compose Window
Select if a review is required after the ticket compose.
If you uninstall this package, the ticket types and states that were added during installation will be deactivated. They can be activated again in the administrator interface.
ITSM Service Level Management
This package adds new statistics to the system for ensuring that all service level agreements are appropriate and satisfy the agreements, as well as to monitor and report on service levels.
This package has no administrator interface.
After installation of the package some new statistics will be available in the agent interface.
After installation of the package some new statistics are added to the system. The statistic management screen is available in the *Statistics* menu item of the *Reports* menu.
Statistics Overview Screen
New Statistics
The following statistics are added to the system:
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