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Uninstall Via Administrator Interface
To uninstall this package from the package manager:
Select the package from the *Local Repository* widget.
Click on the *Uninstall* link in the *Action* column.
Follow the uninstall instructions.
Uninstall Via Command Line
To uninstall this package from the command line:
This package provides a tool to import and export configuration items in the CSV format.
To use this module, you need to install :doc:`itsm-configuration-management` or any other package that provides back end for objects to be imported and exported.
Use this screen to create import and export templates. The import/export template management screen is available in the *Import/Export* module of the *Administration* group.
Import/Export Template Management Screen
Manage Import/Export Templates
To create a new template:
Click on the *Add Template* button in the left sidebar.
Fill in the required fields in all steps.
Click on the *Finish* button.
Create New Import/Export Template Screen
To edit a template:
Click on a template in the list of templates.
Modify the fields in all steps.
Edit Import/Export Template Screen
To delete a template:
Click on the trash icon in the list of templates.
Click on the *Confirm* button.
Delete Import/Export Template Screen
To import data based on a template:
Click on the *Import* link in the list of templates.
Click on the *Browse…* button and select a CSV file.
Click on the *Start Import* button.
Import Data Screen


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