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This package requires the :doc:`itsm-configuration-management` feature or any other package that provides back end for objects to be imported and exported.
Use this screen to create import and export templates. The import/export template management screen is available in the *Import/Export* module of the *Administration* group.
Import/Export Template Management Screen
Manage Import/Export Templates
To create a new template:
Click on the *Add Template* button in the left sidebar.
Fill in the required fields in all steps.
Click on the *Finish* button.
Create New Import/Export Template Screen
To edit a template:
Click on a template in the list of templates.
Modify the fields in all steps.
Edit Import/Export Template Screen
To delete a template:
Click on the trash icon in the list of templates.
Click on the *Confirm* button.
Delete Import/Export Template Screen
To import data based on a template:
Click on the *Import* link in the list of templates.
Click on the *Browse…* button and select a CSV file.
Click on the *Start Import* button.
Import Data Screen
To export data based on a template:
Click on the *Export* link in the list of templates.
Choose a location in your computer to save the ``Export.csv`` file.
Import/Export Template Settings
Import/Export package is meant to be independent. This means, that the following settings can be different if no configuration items will be imported or exported.
Edit Common Information
Edit Common Information Screen
The name of this resource. Any type of characters can be entered to this field including uppercase letters and spaces. The name will be displayed in the overview table.
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