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This is a read only field from the previous step. Use the *Back* button to edit it.
Class \*
Select the class that is needed to be affected by the import and export.
Maximum number of one element \*
Specify the maximum number of columns per array attribute that can be mapped when mapping the import from or export to the CSV file.
Empty fields indicate that the current values are kept
Select this checkbox if the empty field should keep the data in OTRS. Otherwise the data will be overwritten with blank value.
Edit Format Information
Edit Format Information Screen
Column Separator \*
Select a column separator for CSV file.
Select a character encoding for the CSV file.
Include Column Headers
Specify if column headers should be included or not.
Edit Mapping Information
Edit Mapping Information Screen
Click on the *Add Mapping Element* button to add element from the class. You can also specify if this element is an identifier. The order of the elements is sortable.
Edit Search Information
Edit Search Information Screen
Template Name
Restrict export per search
You can add search term for each attribute of the selected class to restrict the import and export functions. The possible fields are listed below this field.
The other fields come from the back end driver, and can be different depending on the used object to be imported or exported.
OTRS::ITSM Administration Manual
This work is copyrighted by OTRS AG (, Zimmersmühlenweg 11, 61440 Oberursel, Germany.
This manual is intended for OTRS::ITSM administrators and users to provide information on the basic use of OTRS::ITSM by IT service managers, IT service staff (agents) and end users (customers). Information pertaining to the installation, configuration and administration of OTRS::ITSM is only provided if there are differences to the OTRS core product or for functions, which only exist in OTRS::ITSM.
IT is expected to consistently deliver high service quality in an increasingly complex field. In this context, effective and efficient incident and problem management are indispensable. However, IT service management remains a task almost impossible if there is no consistent and up-to-date database with information about the state and configuration of the IT infrastructure.
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