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Config Item Search Results
Can't show item, no access rights for ConfigItem are given!
The deployment state of this config item
The incident state of this config item
Shown config items
ITSM Configuration Item
ITSM Configuration Item Attachment
Between Між
ITSM Configuration Items
Maximum number of one element
Empty fields indicate that the current values are kept
Search for one or more configuration items and link all matches to the ticket.
Main search parameters for configuration items. Any results will be linked using the specified link type.
Additional attributes for configuration item search (e.g. OrderBy, OrderByDirection and XML definition attributes).
Copy all specified attributes of a linked configuration item to the ticket.
Restrictions for linked configuration items. Only configuration items linked with the specified link type and matching other restrictions will be considered.
Desired behavior if more than one linked configuration item is found (matching all conditions).
Ignore configuration item, do not copy anything.
Copy attributes from configuration item that was linked first.
Copy attributes from configuration item that was linked last.
Mapping of configuration item attributes to ticket attributes (e.g. key: "HardDisk::Capacity", value: "DynamicField_HardDiskSize" or key: "Name", value: "Title").


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Perl Module: Kernel/Output/HTML/ITSMConfigItem/
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