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Other Settings
Context English Vietnamese State
Manage ITSM Change Management state machine.
Manage the category ↔ impact ↔ priority matrix.
Module to check if WorkOrderAdd or WorkOrderAddFromTemplate should be permitted.
Module to check the CAB members.
Module to check the agent.
Module to check the change builder.
Module to check the change manager.
Module to check the workorder agent.
Module to check whether no workorder agent is set.
Module to check whether the agent is contained in the configured list.
Module to show a link to create a change from this ticket. The ticket will be automatically linked with the new change.
Move Time Slot.
Move all workorders in time.
New (from template)
Only users of these groups have the permission to use the ticket types as defined in "ITSMChange::AddChangeLinkTicketTypes" if the feature "Ticket::Acl::Module###200-Ticket::Acl::Module" is enabled.
Other Settings Cài đặt khác
Overview over all Changes.
PIR (Post Implementation Review)
Parameters for the UserCreateWorkOrderNextMask object in the preference view of the agent interface.
Parameters for the pages (in which the changes are shown) of the small change overview.
Performs the configured action for each event (as an Invoker) for each configured Webservice.
Planned end time
Planned start time
Print the change.
Print the workorder.
Projected Service Availability
Projected Service Availability (PSA)
Projected Service Availability (PSA) of changes. Overview of approved changes and their services.
Requested time


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