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Search for a customer in the *Customer Information Center*. 在 *客户信息中心* 中搜索一个客户。
Add a reference number and new quota to the customer in the *Add quota to customer* widget in the right sidebar. 在右侧边栏的 *向客户添加配额* 小部件中向客户添加参考号和新配额。
Add Quota to Customer Widget 向客户添加配额小部件
Check the entered data in the *Quota list* widget below. 检查下面 *配额列表* 小部件中输入的数据。
Quota List Widget 配额列表小部件
You can set the quota in hours or days. The quota will be recalculated into days and hours in the *Quota list* widget. 您可以按小时或天数设置配额。配额将在 *配额列表* 小部件中按天和小时重新计算。
A working day contains 8 working hours by default. The working hours per day can be changed in the :doc:`../../admin/users-groups-roles/customers` management screen. 默认情况下,一个工作日包含8个工作小时。每天的工作时间可以在 :doc:`../../admin/users-groups-roles/customers` 管理屏幕中更改。
The quota can be reduced by adding tickets or by adding articles to existing ticket in the :doc:`../tickets/ticket-zoom` screen. 可以通过在 :doc:`../tickets/ticket-zoom` 屏幕中添加工单或向现有工单添加信件来减少配额。
Use the *Ticket Zoom* screen to reduce the quota set for a customer. 使用 *工单详情* 屏幕减少为客户设置的配额。
For each ticket you can set a time to reduce the quota of the customer. It is based on the work time units and there is a new drop-down field to reduce the contingent in hours or minutes. 对于每个工单,您可以设置一个时间来减少客户的配额。它是基于工作时间单位的,并且有一个新的下拉字段可以按小时或分钟减少份额。
To reduce quota in a ticket: 若要在一个工单中减少配额,请执行以下操作:
Create a ticket based for the customer. 为该客户创建一个工单。
Open the ticket in the *Ticket Zoom* screen. A new *Quota list* widget is also displayed in the right sidebar. 在 *工单详情* 屏幕中打开工单。右侧边栏中还显示了一个新的 *配额列表* 小部件。
Add a note or any other communication article that has quota field. 添加具有配额字段的备注或任何其它通信信件。
Add a new time unit based on hours or minutes to reduce the quota. 根据小时或分钟添加新的时间单位以减少配额。
Add Article Screen 添加信件屏幕
The quota can be also reduced in any ticket create screens. 配额也可以在任何工单创建屏幕中减少。
The quota of each customer is also displayed in the head of the external interface. 每个客户的配额也显示在外部人员界面的顶部。
VIP Customer VIP客户
Service organizations who have to meet strict service level agreements (SLA) or those who want to react faster to requests from their most important customers should use this feature add-on. 必须满足严格的服务级别协议(SLA)的服务组织或那些希望对来自最重要客户的请求作出更快反应的服务组织应使用此功能插件。
Specific customer users can be defined as VIP customer users, which is shown in the customer information widget when a new ticket is created for him or the service staff is working on one of his existing tickets. 特定的客户用户可被定义为VIP客户用户,当为他创建新的工单或服务人员正在对他现有的一张工单工作时,在客户信息小部件中显示。
An additional list in system configuration allows an agent to assign the VIP status to several customer users. 系统配置中的附加列表允许服务人员将VIP状态分配给多个客户用户。
Furthermore, SLAs can be restricted to be available to VIP customer users only. Keep an eye on your most important customers and deliver excellent service to them. 此外,SLA可以限制为仅对VIP客户用户可用。关注你最重要的客户,为他们提供优质的服务。
Respond faster to requests of specific customers. 快速响应特定客户的要求。
Facilitates SLA management. 有助于SLA管理。
All companies working with SLAs 所有使用SLA的公司
The package has no default configuration for customer users and SLAs available only for VIP customer users. Customer users and SLAs have to be added in the system configuration. 本软件包没有针对客户用户的默认配置,SLA仅适用于VIP客户用户。必须在系统配置中添加客户用户和SLA。
To set VIP status for a customer user: 若要为一个客户用户设置VIP状态:
Select *OTRSVIPCustomer* in the *Navigation* widget. 在 *导航* 小部件中选择 *OTRSVIPCustomer*。
Navigate to *Core → OTRSVIPCustomer* in the navigation tree. 导航到导航树中的 *Core → OTRSVIPCustomer*。


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