Sales departments and sales companies
Context English Chinese (Simplified) State
the escalation time will run out soon (yellow), 升级时间很快就会用完(黄色),
the escalation is suspended (brown),
the escalation time has been reached, i.e. the ticket has escalated (red) or 已达到升级时间,即工单已升级(红色)或
escalation has been suspended or the ticket has been stopped (the window is no longer visible).
The *Ticket Escalation Type Bundle* option enables you to assign newly created escalation types to different customers or service level agreements. *工单升级类型组合包* 选项允许您将新创建的升级类型分配给不同的客户或服务水平协议。
The following scenarios can now be handled more flexibly with *Advanced Escalations*: 现在可以使用 *高级的升级* 更灵活地处理以下场景:
A customer requests a rework of a solution – the escalation must be adjusted. 客户要求重新设计解决方案 - 必须调整升级。
To present a solution, more information is required from the customer – the escalation must be suspended. 要提供解决方案,需要从客户获取更多信息 - 必须挂起升级。
A service technician can’t get into the building or has no free access to the machine that needs to be fixed – the escalation must be suspended. 服务技术人员无法进入建筑物或无法正常访问需要修复的机器 - 必须暂停升级。
And many more 还有很多
Even more flexible escalation management – individually adoptable to customer or SLA. 更灵活的升级管理 - 客户或SLA可以单独采用。
More precise service time management by detailed indication of remaining time. 通过详细指示剩余时间来更精确地管理服务时间。
Customer service organizations having many partners or suppliers 拥有许多合作伙伴或供应商的客户服务组织
External IT service providers 外部IT服务提供商
Call centers 呼叫中心
Sales departments and sales companies 销售部门和销售公司
Advertising or communications agencies 广告或传播机构
OTRSAdvancedEscalations OTRSAdvancedEscalations(高级升级)
:doc:`escalation-suspend` :doc:`escalation-suspend`
:doc:`ticket-watchlist` :doc:`ticket-watchlist`
With this package you are able to define your own escalations. You can define fully customized escalation types which contain information about under what circumstances a ticket escalation will start, restart, be suspended, be resumed or stopped. 使用此软件包,您可以定义自己的升级。 您可以定义完全自定义的升级类型,其中包含有关在何种情况下工单升级将启动、重新启动、挂起、恢复或停止的信息。
After installation of the package two new modules will be available in the *Ticket Settings* group of the administrator interface. 安装软件包后,管理员界面的 *工单设置* 组中将提供两个新模块。
Administration 系统管理
Two new tables are added to the database after installation of the package. The new tables can be used for reporting via SQL box. 安装软件包后,会在数据库中添加两个新表。 新表可用于通过 SQL 查询屏幕生成报表。
Additionally there are several new system configuration options available. You will find these new options in the group ``OTRSAdvancedEscalations``. 此外,还有几种新的系统配置选项可用。 您可在 ``OTRSAdvancedEscalations`` 组中找到这些新选项。
SQL Box SQL查询窗口
Escalation history is available for SQL reporting. The following chapters explain the structure of the database tables. 升级历史记录可用于 SQL 报告。 以下章节解释了数据库表的结构。
``escalation_history`` Table ``escalation_history`` 表
All escalation events will create new entries in the ``escalation_history`` table, which is the basis to calculate statistics about the completed escalation cycles. 所有升级事件都将在 ``escalation_history`` 表中创建新条目,这是计算已完成升级周期的统计信息的基础。
To activate the additional reporting of the escalation events, you need to enable the following system configuration option: 要激活升级事件的其它报告,您需要启用以下系统配置选项:


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