Relieves agents.
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The states selected here will activate the *New State* notification above. Notifications for status changes are only being sent if the new status matches the configured destination status. 此处选择的状态将激活上面的 *新状态* 通知。仅当新状态与配置的目标状态匹配时,才会发送状态更改通知。
If the *New State* notification is set to *Yes*, this field becomes mandatory. 如果 *新状态* 通知设置为 *是*,则此字段变为必需字段。
Watch list owners and their deputies can configure the notifications separately. The configuration of the destination status is only allowed for the watch list owner and therefore also affects the deputies. 关注列表所有者及其副手可以分别配置通知。目标状态的配置仅允许关注列表所有者使用,也会影响副手。
Notifications are not being sent to the agent who triggered the action. 通知不会发送到触发该操作的服务人员。
The content of the notifications can be edited in the :doc:`../../admin/communication-notifications/ticket-notifications` module of the administrator interface. 可以在管理员界面的 :doc:`../../admin/communication-notifications/ticket-notifications` 模块中编辑通知的内容。
Ticket Workflow 工单工作流
The feature add-on allows one to easily define business workflow templates for common tasks. Workflow *task* tickets can be dependent on any other task in that workflow, giving a high level of control over the order in which tasks are completed. A task that is dependent on preceding tasks will not appear in the queue until the preceding tasks are closed. 本功能插件允许您轻松定义常见任务的业务工作流模板。工作流 *任务* 工单可以依赖于该工作流中的任何其它任务,从而可以高度控制任务完成的顺序。依赖于前面任务的任务在前面的任务关闭之前不会出现在队列中。
Each task ticket within a workflow can be predefined using these fields: 可以使用以下字段预定义工作流中的每个任务工单:
Individual tasks can be made dependent on another corresponding task within a workflow. This dependence means that tickets will only be shown in a queue when the dependent preceding ticket has changed to the status *closed*. 可以使单个任务依赖于工作流中的另一个相应任务。此依赖性意味着只有当依赖的前一个工单更改为 *已关闭* 状态时,该工单才会显示在队列中。
An agent can start a workflow through an existing ticket. The content of the original ticket will then be copied to all task tickets. All agents will have a quick overview of their tasks in their personal dashboard widgets. 服务人员可以通过现有的工单启动工作流。原始工单的内容将复制到所有任务工单。所有服务人员都将在其个人仪表板小部件中快速概览其任务。
Distinctive criteria: 独特标准:
No further workflows can be started within an existing workflow. 在现有工作流中不能启动其它工作流。
A task can be dependent on another task within a workflow. 一个任务可以依赖于工作流中的其它任务。
Workflows can only be started in the agent interface. 工作流只能在服务人员界面中启动。
Enables the improvement of handling processes. 改善处理流程。
Relieves agents. 减轻服务人员。
Simplifies data collection. 简化数据收集。
Reduces error sources. 减少错误源。
OTRSTicketWorkflow OTRSTicketWorkflow
This feature add-on is also available for the OTRS::ITSM module. 本功能插件也可用于 OTRS::ITSM 模块。
After installation of the package a new ticket state and a new administrator module will be added to the system. 安装本软件包后,系统将添加新的工单状态和新的管理员模块。
After installation of the package a new state will be added to ticket states, as well as a new module *Ticket Workflows* will be available in the *Ticket Settings* group of the administrator interface. 安装本软件包后,将向工单状态添加一个新状态,并在管理员界面的 *工单设置* 组中提供一个新模块 *工单工作流*。
States 状态
After installation of the package a new state is added to the system for the task tickets. 安装本软件包后,将向系统中添加任务工单的新状态。
task pending dependency 任务挂起依赖项
Tickets with unresolved dependencies are put into this state which is a type of removed. A removed indicates that the ticket is not viewable and will not appear in the usual views. A removed does not prevent the display in the linked ticket boxes. 具有未解析依赖项的工单将被置于此状态,此状态是“已删除”的类型。“已删除”表示工单不可见,并且不会出现在常规视图中。“已删除”不会阻止在链接工单框中显示。
When the task tickets are created, the master ticket is put into the state defined as initial state in the system configuration or into *new*. 当创建任务工单时,主工单被放入系统配置中定义为初始状态的状态,或者进入 *新建* 状态。
Ticket Workflows 工单工作流
Use this screen to add workflows and tasks to the system. The ticket workflow templates management screen is available in the *Ticket Workflows* module of the *Ticket Settings* group. 使用此屏幕向系统添加工作流和任务。工单工作流模板管理屏幕在 *工单设置* 组的 *工单工作流* 模块中可用。
Ticket Workflow Templates Screen 工单工作流模板屏幕
Manage Ticket Workflow Templates 管理工单工作流模板


Relieves agents.
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