Companies with recurring activities, such as maintenance work
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Select *OTRSAgentEmailInterface* in the *Navigation* widget. 在 *导航* 小部件中选择 *OTRSAgentEmailInterface*。
Navigate to *Core → Email → PostMaster* in the navigation tree. 导航到导航树中的 *Core → Email → PostMaster*。
Change the value of key ``AgentInterfaceAddress`` to the same as set in step 3. 将 ``AgentInterfaceAddress`` 键的值更改为与步骤3中设置的值相同。
Usage 用法
Reply any ticket notification and insert for example the following tag anywhere in the body of the mail: 回复任何工单通知,并在邮件正文的任何位置插入以下标签:
Switch to the ticket from the ticket notification and compare the ticket state. The ticket should have the state *closed*. 从工单通知切换到工单,并比较工单状态。 工单应处于 *已关闭* 状态。
Automated FAQ Ticket Creator FAQ工单自动生成器
With the help of this feature add-on, it is possible to create time-controlled tickets via FAQ entries. This can refer to the FAQ entry itself or to a specific task that is related to the FAQ topic. This is particularly useful in situations, such as maintenance work, where routine activities take place at large intervals. The automatically generated ticket becomes a *To do* for the employee. And, through the FAQ documentation, everyone knows the steps of the task. 借助此功能插件,可以通过FAQ知识库条目创建时间控制的工单。 这可以参考FAQ知识库条目本身或与FAQ知识库主题相关的特定任务。 这在诸如维护工作(其例行活动以很长的间隔进行)的情况下特别有用。 自动生成的工单成为员工的 *待办事项*。 并且,通过FAQ知识库文档,每个人都知道任务的步骤。
Example 样例
An employee creates a FAQ entry for a specific maintenance task. The feature add-on will now automatically create an associated ticket after a specified period of time, reminding an employee to either renew the FAQ or to perform the activity described in the FAQ entry. For new employees who do not have experience, the FAQ makes it possible for them to perform the activity too, because the steps are clearly described in the documentation. 员工为特定的维护任务创建FAQ知识库条目。现在,该功能插件将在指定的时间段之后自动创建一个相关的工单,提醒员工更新FAQ知识库或执行FAQ知识库条目中描述的活动。对于没有经验的新员工,FAQ知识库使他们也可以执行活动,因为文档中清楚地描述了这些步骤。
Keep FAQs up-to-date with reminders about necessary update. 通过提醒必要的更新,使FAQ知识库保持最新状态。
Less frequently opened *resubmission tickets*. 减少频繁处理的 *重新提交工单*。
Functionality can be used for one-time activities that include an end date. 可用于包含结束日期的一次性活动。
Even complex tasks can be done by new or untrained employees. 即使是复杂的任务也可以由新员工或未经培训的员工完成。
Service providers 服务提供商
Companies with recurring activities, such as maintenance work 具有经常性活动如维护工作的公司
Companies with a large number of employees 拥有大量员工的公司
OTRSAutomatedFAQTicketCreator OTRSAutomatedFAQTicketCreator
This chapter describes the new features that are available in the administrator interface after installation of the package. 本章介绍安装该软件包后管理员界面中可用的新功能。
Processes & Automation 流程和自动化
After installation of the package some new dynamic fields are added to the system. 安装该软件包之后,一些新的动态字段被添加到系统中。
Dynamic Fields 动态字段
After installation of the package some new dynamic fields are added to the system. The dynamic field management screen is available in the *Dynamic Fields* module of the *Processes & Automation* group. 安装本软件包之后,一些新的动态字段将添加到系统中。“动态字段管理”屏幕可在 *流程与自动化* 组的 *动态字段* 模块中找到。
Dynamic Field Management Screen 动态字段管理屏幕
New Dynamic Fields 新的动态字段
This packages provides new dynamic fields and an OTRS daemon cron job to create new tickets with configured values based on FAQ items. 此软件包提供新的动态字段和 OTRS 守护进程 cron 任务,以根据FAQ知识库条目创建具有已配置值的新工单。
``OTRSAutomatedFAQTicketCreatorStartTime`` ``OTRSAutomatedFAQTicketCreatorStartTime``
This dynamic field defines the start time for the ticket creation. This is a date/time field. 此动态字段定义工单创建的开始时间。 这是日期/时间字段。
``OTRSAutomatedFAQTicketCreatorEndTime`` ``OTRSAutomatedFAQTicketCreatorEndTime``
This dynamic field defines the end time for the ticket creation. This is a date/time field. 此动态字段定义工单创建的结束时间。 这是日期/时间字段。


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