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Message presence 消息显示
This condition type defines if a customer user or agent message must be/must not be present. 此条件类型定义客户用户或服务人员消息是否必须显示/不得显示。
Message delivery 消息传递
If enabled, this will define that the customer user or agent has to send a message to match the condition. 如果启用,这将定义客户用户或服务人员必须发送消息以匹配条件。
To remove a condition, uncheck the checkbox in the *Active* column, and click on the *Save* button. 要删除条件,请取消选中 *激活* 列中的复选框,然后单击 *保存* 按钮。
Service Level Agreements 服务级别协议
It is possible to assign escalation type bundles to an SLA. Therefore, a multiselect field has been added to the *Add Service Level Agreement* screen. 可以将升级类型组合分配给 SLA。因此,一个多选字段已添加到 *添加服务级别协议* 屏幕。
Add Service Level Agreement Screen 添加服务级别协议屏幕
New Field 新字段
Escalation Bundles 升级组合
Here you can choose from a list of all available bundles which should be assigned to this SLA. Assigning a bundle to a SLA will cause the escalation types, which are assigned to this bundle, to be considered for a ticket which has this SLA set. 在这里,您可以从应分配给此SLA的所有可用组合的列表中进行选择。将组合分配给SLA将导致,具有此 SLA 集的工单会考虑这些升级类型。
The calendar setting and the times in the SLA has no effect for the advanced escalations feature.
For assigning an advanced escalation to a ticket, this one should contain a valid customer ID and valid SLA, so the advanced escalation for the ticket will be assigned based on previous configuration. Advanced escalations currently does not work for unknown customers. 为将高级升级分配给一个工单,此工单应包含有效的客户 ID 和有效的 SLA,因此将根据工单的先前的配置分配高级升级。高级升级当前不适用于未知客户。
It is possible to show advanced escalations columns in ticket overviews, ticket dashboard widgets and statistics. The advanced escalations data is calculated on-the-fly and could have a huge negative performance impact on the whole system. 可以在工单概览、工单仪表板小部件和统计信息中显示高级升级列。 高级升级数据是即时计算的,可能会对整个系统产生巨大的负面性能影响。
Escalation automatism is not supported. Use the generic agent or generic interface to trigger escalation events. 不支持升级自动化。 使用自动任务或通用接口来触发升级事件。
Reports 报表
The escalation information can be displayed in reports and statistics using the new statistics object modules. 可以使用新的统计对象模块在报告和统计信息中显示升级信息。
Statistics 统计
Advanced Escalations Data in Statistics 统计中的高级升级数据
By installing the advanced escalations package, you have the possibility to use the new statistics object modules: 通过安装高级升级软件包,您可以使用以下新的统计对象模块:
``TicketAccountedTimeEscalation`` ``TicketAccountedTimeEscalation``
A new matrix statistic which only contains tickets with accounted time. It is a copy of the ``TicketAccountedTime`` statistic out of the **OTRS** framework, but you are able to show advanced escalations data and to filter the data by ticket attributes as well as by advanced escalations. 一种新的矩阵统计量,它只包含有计算时间的工单。它是 **OTRS** 框架中 ``TicketAccountedTime`` 统计数据的副本,但您可以显示高级升级数据,并按工单属性和高级升级筛选数据。
``TicketEscalation`` ``TicketEscalation``
A new matrix statistic which shows configured columns on X- and Y-axis. It is a copy of the ticket matrix statistic out of the **OTRS** framework, but you are able to show advanced escalations data and to filter the data by ticket attributes as well as by advanced escalations. 一个新的矩阵统计量,它显示了X轴和Y轴上的配置列。它是 **OTRS** 框架外的工单矩阵统计的副本,但您可以显示高级升级数据,并按工单属性和高级升级筛选数据。
``TicketListEscalation`` ``TicketListEscalation``
A new statistic which shows configured columns (advanced escalations data, too) on X-axis. You can specify a column which is used in an order by clause on Y-axis. You are able to filter the data by ticket attributes as well as by advanced escalations columns. 一个新的统计信息,在X轴上显示已配置的列(高级升级数据)。 您可以指定在Y轴上的order by子句中使用的列。 您可以按工单属性以及高级升级列过滤数据。
``TicketSolutionResponseTimeEscalation`` ``TicketSolutionResponseTimeEscalation``
A new matrix statistic which only contains closed tickets. It is a copy of the default ``TicketSolutionResponseTimeEscalation`` statistic out of the **OTRS** framework, but you able to select advanced escalations columns in the *Elevation by* field. As already mentioned in the other new statistics, you can filter the data by advanced escalations columns. 一种新的矩阵统计量,它只包含已关闭的工单。它是 **OTRS** 框架中默认的 ``TicketSolutionResponseTimeEscalation`` 统计数据的副本,但您可以在 *Elevation by* 字段中选择高级升级列。正如在其它新统计信息中已经提到的,您可以按高级升级列筛选数据。
Filtering 过滤
In general, there are the following types of advanced escalations columns: 通常,存在以下类型的高级升级列:
Yes/no columns 是/否列
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