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This package has no agent interface, but it extends the standard behavior of the service selection method. 本软件包没有服务人员界面,但是它扩展了服务选择方法的标准行为。
*Service One* and *Service Two* are assigned to type *Unclassified* in the :doc:`admin/ticket-settings/types-services` screen. Other services are not assigned. *Service One* 和 *Service Two* 分配给 :doc:`admin/ticket-settings/types-services` 屏幕中的 *Unclassified* 类型。未分配其它服务。
To filter the services on the ticket create screens: 要在工单创建屏幕上筛选服务,请执行以下操作:
Go to any ticket create screen, for example *New Phone Ticket*. 转到任何工单创建屏幕,例如 *新建电话工单*。
Choose *Unclassified* ticket type. 选择 *Unclassified(未分类)* 工单类型。
Fill in the other customer fields. 填写其它客户字段。
Check what services are available in the *Service* drop-down. 在 *服务* 下拉列表中检查可用的服务。
*Customer Users ↔ Services* filter is applied before the one for *Types ↔ Services*. *客户用户 ↔ 服务* 过滤器在 *类型 ↔ 服务* 过滤器之前应用。
Service Responsible 服务负责人
Typically, an inbound ticket is first assigned to an edit group/team, known as a queue, by an agent. This agent usually has no knowledge of which employee on the respective team should handle the request. The ticket is then reopened by the team that manages the queue, and it is assigned to the person who becomes responsible for taking care of the request. This means that the ticket is dispatched two times, so to speak. 通常,一个服务人员首先将入站工单分配给称为队列的编辑组/团队。 该服务人员通常不知道各个团队中的哪个雇员应处理该请求。 然后,工单由管理队列的团队重新打开,并分配给负责处理请求的人员。 可以这么说,这意味着工单已分配两次。
This feature add-on allows you to configure your system so that specific agents are associated with each service option. This way, the agent who originally receives the inbound ticket does not need to know which employee is responsible for which services, but instead chooses only the service that needs to be provided. The assignment to a person is automatically handled by the system. Now, ticket assignment only needs to happen one time. 本功能插件使您可以配置系统,以便将特定的服务人员与每个服务选项相关联。 这样,最初接收入站工单的服务人员无需知道哪个员工负责哪些服务,而是只选择需要提供的服务。 系统自动处理分配给某个人。 现在,工单分配仅需要执行一次。
This functionality is, for example, a big advantage when working with a paged first-level support group. In this situation, agents who handle inbound tickets do not usually know the individual employees and their skill sets. This can cause delays in correctly assigning the ticket. 例如,当使用分页的一级支持组时,此功能是一个很大的优势。在这种情况下,处理入境工单的服务人员通常不知道员工个人及其技能集。这可能会导致延迟正确分配工单。
Tickets are assigned directly to the person responsible. 工单直接分配给负责人。
Ticket allocation is faster and more efficient. 工单分配更快更有效。
Assignment to outsourced first-level support is seamless. 分配到外包的一级支持是无缝的。
Large companies 大型公司
Companies with a high volume of tickets 工单量大的公司
Companies with many employees 员工很多的公司
Service-oriented workgroups 面向服务的工作组
Companies with outsourced first-level support 外包了一级支持的公司
OTRSServiceResponsible OTRSServiceResponsible
This package has no administrator interface, but adds a new entry to the recipient list of ticket notifications. 本软件包没有管理员界面,但将新条目添加到工单通知的收件人列表中。
This feature add-on adds a notification recipient for agents, who set the services in the :doc:`../agent/avatar/personal-preferences` as responsible services. 本功能插件为服务人员添加一个通知收件人,服务人员将 :doc:`../agent/avatar/personal-preferences` 中的服务设置为负责的服务。
After installation of the package a new option will be available for the *Send to* field of the *Recipients* widget. 安装本软件包后,*收件人* 小部件的 *发送给* 字段将提供一个新选项。
Manage Ticket Notifications 管理工单通知
This feature add-on adds a new notification option for the service responsible agent. 本功能插件为服务的负责人员添加了一个新的通知选项。
Ticket Notification Settings 工单通知设置
For an example, see a default ticket notification which is included in a fresh **OTRS** installation. 示例请参阅新的 **OTRS** 安装中包含的默认工单通知。
Recipients 收件人
Ticket Notification Settings - Recipients 工单通知设置 - 收件人
Send to 发送给


Large companies
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