Select a watch list from the drop-down list.
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Watchlists 关注列表
The ticket can be assigned to a watch list via this menu item. Additionally, the ticket can be removed from a watch list. 可以通过此菜单项将工单分配给关注列表。 此外,可以从关注列表中删除该工单。
Ticket Watchlists Screen 工单关注列表屏幕
Click on the *Add* link in the *Action* column to add the ticket to the selected watch list. The *Add* link will be changed to *Delete* and the ticket will be added in the background. 单击 *操作* 列中的 *添加* 链接,将工单添加到选定的关注列表。 *添加* 链接将更改为 *删除*,并且工单将在后台添加。
Click on the *Delete* link in the *Action* column to remove the ticket from the selected watch list. The *Delete* link will be changed to *Add* and the ticket will be removed in the background. 单击 *操作* 列中的 *删除* 链接,以从选定的关注列表中删除工单。 *删除* 链接将更改为 *添加*,并且工单将在后台删除。
When you finish to edit the watch lists just close this window. 完成编辑关注列表后,只需关闭此窗口。
Watchlist Reminder 关注列表提醒
Use this menu item to set a reminder for the ticket in the watch list. For this, the agent has to be subscribed to the ticket or it has to be assigned to one of his watch lists. 使用此菜单项可以在关注列表中为工单设置提醒。 为此,服务人员必须订阅该工单,或者必须将其分配给他的关注列表之一。
This menu item is visible only, if the ticket is already added to a watch list. 仅当工单已添加到关注列表时,此菜单项才可见。
Ticket Watchlist Reminder Screen 工单关注列表提醒屏幕
Reminder active 提醒激活
Controls, whether the reminder is active or not. 控制提醒是否处于激活状态。
Reminder Time 提醒时间
Set the date and time when the reminder should be displayed. 设置显示提醒的日期和时间。
Reminder for 提醒列表
Select a watch list from the drop-down list. 从下拉列表中选择关注列表。
Note 备注
Add additional information to the reminder text. 在提醒文本中添加额外的信息。
This information will also be shown within the watch list overview. 此信息也将显示在关注列表概览中。
A watch list belongs to the agent who created it. The list can be moved to another agent in the :doc:`watchlist-management` screen. When moving a watch list to another agent, reminders will also be moved. 关注列表属于创建它的服务人员。可以将列表移动到 :doc:`watchlist-management` 屏幕中的另一个服务人员。将关注列表移动到其他服务人员时,也会移动提醒。
In this case, where the owner of the watch list is changed, the notification that is sent is different that the others. It can only be sent by the email notification method and it should not contain any ticket related OTRS smart tag (if so they will be removed before sending) as there is no ticket involved in the process that triggers the event. 在这种情况下,如果关注列表的所有者发生更改,则发送的通知与其它通知不同。它只能通过电子邮件通知方法发送,并且不应包含任何与工单相关的OTRS智能标签(如果有,则在发送之前会将其删除),因为触发事件的过程中不涉及工单。
The default *Watchlist move notification* is attached to the event ``WatchlistMoveNotification``. This and any other ticket notification attached to the same event should prevent the use of these ticket related OTRS smart tags. 默认的 *关注列表转移通知* 附加到 ``WatchlistMoveNotification`` 事件。此通知以及附加到同一事件的其它工单通知应阻止使用这些与工单相关的OTRS智能标签。
Reminders will only be sent if the assigned agent at this time still has access to the watch list containing the ticket and/or still is subscribed to the ticket. 仅当指定的服务人员此时仍可访问包含工单的关注列表和/或仍订阅工单时,才会发送提醒。
There can only be one active reminder per agent and ticket. Notifications are only being sent every ten minutes. 每个服务人员和工单只能有一个活动提醒。 通知仅每十分钟发送一次。
Watchlist Management 关注列表管理
Use this screen to manage watch lists. The watch list management screen is available in the *Watchlist Management* menu item of the *Tickets* menu or via the eye icon from the toolbar. 使用此屏幕可以管理关注列表。 关注列表管理屏幕可在 *工单* 菜单的 *关注列表管理* 菜单项中使用,也可以通过工具栏上的眼睛图标使用。
Watchlist Management Screen 关注列表管理屏幕
Manage Watch Lists 管理关注列表
To add a watch list: 若要添加一个关注列表:
Click on the *Create new watchlist* button in the left sidebar. 点击左侧边栏中的 *创建新关注列表* 按钮。
Fill in the required field. 填写必填字段。


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