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Agent Dashboard
Small Queue View
Small Status View
Small Escalation View
Customer Information Center
Customer User Information Center
The new features are described in the :doc:`admin` chapter.
External Interface
This package has no external interface.
Advanced Editor
This feature add-on allows OTRS administrators and OTRS developers with experience using Template Toolkit to write Template Toolkit code snippets in OTRS templates. This can facilitate, for example, the customization of response templates with multiple languages because you can customize the same template for many languages by using conditions without adding completely new response templates. This saves resources within **OTRS** and gives you a cleaner overview of your response templates.
Easier customization of response templates based on conditions.
Resource-saving usage of response templates.
Increases your **OTRS** performance.
OTRS administrators with Template Toolkit experience
Organizations that want to easily customize their OTRS templates, e.g. for many languages
Not compatible with the following feature add-ons:
This package has no dedicated administrator interface, only extends the existing screens.
Create New Templates
This feature enables logical if-else conditions as well as loops and much more.
To insert code snippets:
Open *Templates*, *Signatures* or *Salutations* modules in the administrator interface.
Add or modify a resource in these screens.
Find the new icon in the Rich Text editor toolbar (the last one).
Insert Code Snippet Icon
Click on the new icon to open a new window.
Select *TemplateToolkit* from the *Language* drop-down.


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