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This package has no administrator interface.
System Configuration
Width of columns
The width of the columns in the small ticket overviews are configurable.
To configure the width of columns:
Go to *System Configuration* screen.
Select *OTRSAdjustSortTicketOverview* in the *Navigation* widget.
Navigate to *Frontend → Agent → TicketOverview* in the navigation tree.
Add new entries to setting ``Frontend::Agent::TicketOverview::OTRSAdjustSortTicketOverviewFixedWidth``. Examples:
``Queue`` → *10%*
``State`` → *8%*
``Age`` → *40px*
``DynamicField_DateofReceipt`` → *3cm*
Configurable fields are: ``TicketNumber``, ``Age``, ``EscalationTime``, ``Title``, ``State``, ``Queue``, ``Lock``, ``Owner``, ``CustomerID``, ``DynamicField_*``.
This feature is activated by default after installation of the package.
Word length of title column
The word length of the title column in the ticket overview widgets is configurable.
To configure the word length:
Set the word length in setting ``Frontend::Agent::TicketOverview::OTRSAdjustSortTicketOverviewTitleLength``.
Drag and drop table column widths
The width of the columns in the ticket overview widgets and the dashboards are configurable via drag and drop on a per-user-base.
To activate this feature:
Enable setting ``Frontend::Agent::TicketOverview::OTRSAdjustSortTicketOverviewUseDragAndDrop``.
After activation it is possible to drag and drop the different table columns with the mouse to set the widths of every single column. Those settings are saved and restored for every single user in the user preferences.
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