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If several customer users are locked, use the filter box to find a particular customer user by just typing the name to filter.
The login in the external interface counts the failed login attempts. If the configurable count of failed login attempts is reached, the customer user account is locked using the customer preferences within the OTRS database.
The login is not possible and the customer user will see the message: *Login failed! Your user name or password entered incorrectly.*
This mechanism works for customer users which are stored in the OTRS database itself or in a tethered LDAP server.
Calendar Resource Planning
This feature add-on gives you an operations overview of the entire team. And that’s not all. Dynamic fields, reporting functions and notifications can make your work simpler by allowing you to have individualized calendar views, resource planning per person or team, and selected import options into the calendar.
Additionally, customer and ticket data can be synchronized from a linked ticket into an appointment. This data can then be made available to the agent in the field as an offline local calendar. By linking the calendar entries with tickets, you always have complete details about your appointments on hand.
With pre-defined authorization groups, you can even create shared calendars for select teams. Now, important information, such as meetings or deadlines, are available for all relevant agents.
Visualize which agent has which tasks to perform and how much time is estimated for completing these. Meetings, appointments and simple project planning can now be displayed centrally in **OTRS** for the entire department.
Cross-departmental overview of all teams and resources.
Calendar, resource planning and project planning in one tool.



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