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Depending on a system configuration setting, queue and service names can be displayed with complete paths, only with first letter of parents followed by ``::`` and their names, or just by their names in the ticket overview widgets.
To modify the display names:
Set the display names in setting ``Frontend::Agent::TicketOverview::ProcessQueueServiceFields``.
There is a potential risk that if ticket title (if double colons are contained) is also displayed in shortened manner because internally the double colons are used for creating the correct shortened path for queue and service name.
Ticket number always visible
This setting prevents the users to hide the ticket number column by drag and drop.
Enable setting ``Frontend::Agent::TicketOverview::TicketNumberAlwaysVisible``.
Affected screens
The features can be enabled or disabled in each ticket overview screens.
To modify the affected screens:
Navigate to *Frontend → Base → OutputFilter* in the navigation tree.
Add or remove screen names in the ``Template`` key of each setting.
Agent Interface
This package has no agent interface, only the existing ticket overview widgets get new features in the following screens:
Agent Dashboard
Small Queue View
Small Status View
Small Escalation View
Customer Information Center
Customer User Information Center
The new features are described in the :doc:`admin` chapter.
External Interface
This package has no external interface.
Advanced Editor
This feature add-on allows OTRS administrators and OTRS developers with experience using Template Toolkit to write Template Toolkit code snippets in OTRS templates. This can facilitate, for example, the customization of response templates with multiple languages because you can customize the same template for many languages by using conditions without adding completely new response templates. This saves resources within **OTRS** and gives you a cleaner overview of your response templates.
Easier customization of response templates based on conditions.
Resource-saving usage of response templates.
Increases your **OTRS** performance.
OTRS administrators with Template Toolkit experience
Organizations that want to easily customize their OTRS templates, e.g. for many languages
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