You can activate the installation of not verified packages in the system configuration setting `Package::AllowNotVerifiedPackages`_.
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Edit Language Screen 编辑语言屏幕
To delete a language: 若要删除一个语言:
Click on the trash icon in the list of languages. 点击语言列表中的垃圾桶图标。
Delete Language Screen 删除语言屏幕
FAQ Language Settings FAQ 语言设置
The following setting is available when adding or editing this resource. The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. 添加或编辑此资源时,可以使用以下设置。 标有星号的字段是必填字段。
The `ISO 639-1 code <>`__ of a language. 该语言的 `ISO 639-1代码 <>`__。
Package Manager 软件包管理器
Modular systems can be extended by adding additional software packages to the framework. Administrators need an easy way to see which features are installed in which version and for sure to add, update and remove packages. 可以通过向框架添加其他软件包来扩展模块化系统。 管理员需要一种简单的方法来查看安装了哪些功能的哪个版本,并确保能添加、更新和删除软件包。
OTRS uses a package manager to perform all package-related activities as mentioned above in the graphical interface. OTRS使用软件包管理器在图形界面中执行上述所有与软件包相关的活动。
This module is only available when using *On-Premise* or the *((OTRS)) Community Edition*. To see a list of installed modules, you may also see the :doc:`../otrs-group-services/support-data-collector`. 本模块仅适用于使用 *On-Premise* 或 * (OTRS)) 社区版*。若要查看已安装模块的列表, 还可以查看 :doc:`../otrs-group-services/support-data-collector`。
Use this screen to install and manage packages that extend the functionality of OTRS. The package manager screen is available in the *Package Manager* module of the *Administration* group. 使用此屏幕可以安装和管理扩展OTRS功能的软件包。 软件包管理器屏幕位于 *系统管理* 组的 *软件包管理器* 模块中。
Package Manager Screen 软件包管理器屏幕
Manage Packages 管理软件包
The installation of packages which are not verified by the OTRS Group is not possible by default. 默认情况下,无法安装未经OTRS集团验证的软件包。
You can activate the installation of not verified packages in the system configuration setting `Package::AllowNotVerifiedPackages`_. 您可以在系统配置设置中激活安装未经验证的软件包 :sysconfig:`Package::AllowNotVerifiedPackages <core.html#package-allownotverifiedpackages>`。
Install Packages 安装软件包
To install a package from online repository: 若要从在线软件仓库安装软件包:
Select an online repository from the drop-down in the left sidebar. 从左侧边栏的下拉列表中选择一个在线软件仓库。
Click on the *Update repository information* button to refresh the available package list. 点击 *更新存储库信息* 按钮以刷新可用的软件包列表。
Select a package from the *Online Repository* widget and click on the *Install* in the last column. 从 *在线软件仓库* 小部件中选择一个软件包,然后单击最后一列中的 *安装*。
Follow the installation instructions. 按照安装说明操作。
After installation, the package is displayed in the *Local Repository* widget. 安装后,软件包将显示在 *本地软件仓库* 小部件中。
Online Repository Widget 在线软件仓库
The repository list can be changed in system configuration setting `Package::RepositoryList`_. 可以在系统配置设置中更改软件仓库列表 :sysconfig:`Package::RepositoryList <core.html#package-repositorylist>`。
To install a package from file: 若要从文件安装软件包:
Select an ``.opm`` file from your local file system. 从本地文件系统中选择一个 ``.opm`` 文件。
Click on the *Install Package* button. 点击 *安装软件包* 按钮。
Local Repository Widget 本地软件仓库小部件
Update Packages 更新软件包
To update a package from online repository: 若要从在线软件仓库更新一个软件包:


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