By default, these events can trigger an update of a calendar appointment:
Context English Chinese (Simplified) State
Create: users can create and delete appointments in the calendar. 创建:用户可以创建和删除日历中的预约。
Read/write: users can manage the calendar itself. 读写:用户可以管理日历。
Validity \* 有效性 \*
Set the validity of this resource. Each resource can be used in OTRS only, if this field is set to *valid*. Setting this field to *invalid* or *invalid-temporarily* will disable the use of the resource. 设置此资源的有效性。 如果此字段设置为 *有效*,则每个资源即可仅在OTRS中使用。 将此字段设置为 *无效* 或 *临时无效* 将禁止此资源的使用。
Calendar Ticket Appointments 工单预约日历
Define rules for creating automatic appointments in this calendar based on ticket data. To add a new rule, click on the *Add Rule* button. 定义在这个日历中基于工单数据自动创建预约的规则。 要添加新规则,请点击 *添加规则* 按钮。
Calendar Settings - Ticket Appointments 日历设置 - 工单预约
Start date 开始日期
Select a start date for the ticket appointment. 选择工单预约的开始日期。
End date 结束日期
Select the end date for the ticket appointment. 选择工单预约的结束日期。
Queues \* 队列 \*
Select one or more queues to narrow down for which tickets appointments will be automatically created. 选择一个或多个队列以缩小能够自动创建工单预约的范围。
Search attributes 搜索属性
Additional search attributes can be added for further filtering by selecting an attribute and clicking on the ⊞ button. 通过选择属性并点击⊞按钮,可以添加其他搜索属性以进行进一步过滤。
By default, these events can trigger an update of a calendar appointment:
Import Appointments 导入预约
If at least one calendar have been added to the system, it is possible to import some appointments into the calendar. 如果系统中至少添加了一个日历,则可以将某些预约导入日历中。
To import some appointments: 要导入一些预约:
Click on the *Import Appointments* button in the left sidebar. 点击左侧边栏中的 *导入预约* 按钮。
Upload an iCal file and select a calendar. 上传iCal文件并选择日历。
Click on the *Import appointments* button. 点击 *导入预约* 按钮。
Import Appointments Screen 导入预约屏幕
Upload \* 上传 \*


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