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Select the checkbox if you want to display the chat channel for public users. 如果要为公共用户显示聊天频道,请选中该复选框。
Valid \* 有效
Comment 注释
Add additional information to this resource. It is recommended to always fill this field as a description of the resource with a full sentence for better clarity, because the comment will be also displayed in the overview table. 向此资源添加其它信息。 为了更清晰,建议始终将此字段填充为带有完整句子的资源描述,因为注释也将显示在概览表中。
Enable Chat Support 启用聊天支持
The chat feature is not enabled by default. 默认没有启用聊天功能。
To enable the chat feature: 若要启用聊天功能:
Go to *System Configuration* screen. 转到 *系统配置* 屏幕。
Navigate to *Core → Chat* in the navigation tree. 在导航树中找到 *Core → Chat*。
Enable the setting ``ChatEngine::Active``. 启用设置 ``ChatEngine::Active``。
When the chat feature is enabled, the *Default channel* is automatically created if it does not exist. 启用聊天功能后,如果不存在默认频道,则会自动创建 *默认频道*。
To review all chat related settings: 若要查看所有聊天相关设置:
Search for the term ``ChatEngine`` in the search box. 在搜索框中搜索 ``ChatEngine`` 一词。
Review the settings. 查看设置。
Agents need to have at least *ro* permissions to the groups set up in the following settings: 服务人员需要对在以下设置中设置的组至少具有 *ro(只读)* 权限:
``ChatEngine::PermissionGroup::ChatReceivingAgents`` ``ChatEngine::PermissionGroup::ChatReceivingAgents``
``ChatEngine::PermissionGroup::ChatStartingAgents`` ``ChatEngine::PermissionGroup::ChatStartingAgents``
FAQ Category FAQ 类别
Use this screen to manage categories available in FAQ articles. A fresh OTRS installation already contains a category by default. The category management screen is available in the *FAQ Category* module of the *Administration* group. 使用此屏幕可管理 FAQ 文章可用的类别。 默认情况下,新的 OTRS 安装已包含类别。 类别管理屏幕位于 *系统管理* 组中的 *FAQ 类别* 模块。
FAQ Category Management Screen FAQ 类别管理屏幕
Manage FAQ Categories 管理 FAQ 类别
To add a category: 若要添加一个服务目录:
Click on the *Add category* button in the left sidebar. 点击左侧边栏的 *添加类别* 按钮。
Click on the *Submit* button. 点击 *提交* 按钮。
Add Category Screen 添加服务目录屏幕
To edit a category: 若要编辑一个服务目录:
Click on a category in the list of categories. 点击服务目录列表中的一个服务目录。
Edit Category Screen 编辑服务目录屏幕
To delete a category: 若要删除一个服务目录:
Click on the trash icon in the list of categories. 点击类别列表中的垃圾桶图标。
Click on the *Yes* button in the confirmation dialog. 单击确认屏幕上的 *是* 按钮。


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