Click on the *Submit* button.
Context English Chinese (Simplified) State
Navigate to *Core → Chat* in the navigation tree. 在导航树中找到 *Core → Chat*。
Enable the setting ``ChatEngine::Active``. 启用设置 ``ChatEngine::Active``。
When the chat feature is enabled, the *Default channel* is automatically created if it does not exist. 启用聊天功能后,如果不存在默认频道,则会自动创建 *默认频道*。
To review all chat related settings: 若要查看所有聊天相关设置:
Search for the term ``ChatEngine`` in the search box. 在搜索框中搜索 ``ChatEngine`` 一词。
Review the settings. 查看设置。
Agents need to have at least *ro* permissions to the groups set up in the following settings: 服务人员需要对在以下设置中设置的组至少具有 *ro(只读)* 权限:
``ChatEngine::PermissionGroup::ChatReceivingAgents`` ``ChatEngine::PermissionGroup::ChatReceivingAgents``
``ChatEngine::PermissionGroup::ChatStartingAgents`` ``ChatEngine::PermissionGroup::ChatStartingAgents``
FAQ Category FAQ 类别
Use this screen to manage categories available in FAQ articles. A fresh OTRS installation already contains a category by default. The category management screen is available in the *FAQ Category* module of the *Administration* group. 使用此屏幕可管理 FAQ 文章可用的类别。 默认情况下,新的 OTRS 安装已包含类别。 类别管理屏幕位于 *系统管理* 组中的 *FAQ 类别* 模块。
FAQ Category Management Screen FAQ 类别管理屏幕
Manage FAQ Categories 管理 FAQ 类别
To add a category: 若要添加一个服务目录:
Click on the *Add category* button in the left sidebar. 点击左侧边栏的 *添加类别* 按钮。
Click on the *Submit* button. 点击 *提交* 按钮。
Add Category Screen 添加服务目录屏幕
To edit a category: 若要编辑一个服务目录:
Click on a category in the list of categories. 点击服务目录列表中的一个服务目录。
Edit Category Screen 编辑服务目录屏幕
To delete a category: 若要删除一个服务目录:
Click on the trash icon in the list of categories. 点击类别列表中的垃圾桶图标。
Click on the *Yes* button in the confirmation dialog. 单击确认屏幕上的 *是* 按钮。
Delete Category Screen 删除服务目录屏幕
FAQ Category Settings FAQ 类别设置
Subcategory of 父类别是
It is possible to add the new category under an existing one as sub-category. This will be displayed as *Parent Category::Child Category*. 可以在现有目录下添加新目录作为子目录。 这将显示为 *父目录::子目录*。
Permission \* 权限 \*
Agent groups that can access articles in this category. 能访问此类别文章的服务人员组
Validity 有效性
Comment \* 注释 \*
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