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To be able to use this feature, you have to activate its setting first.
Enable Customer-Group Support
To assign some groups to a customer:
Select the permissions you would like to connect the customer to groups with.
Change Group Relations for Customer
To assign some customers to a group:
Select the permissions you would like to connect the group to customers with.
Change Customer Relations for Group
To change customer default groups:
Click on the *Edit Customer Default Groups* button in the left sidebar.
Add or modify groups in setting `CustomerGroupCompanyAlwaysGroups`_.
``CustomerGroupCompanyAlwaysGroups`` System Configuration Screen
These groups are automatically assigned to all customers.
If several customers or groups are added to the system, use the search box to find a particular customer or use the filter box to find a particular group by just typing the name to filter.
Multiple customers or groups can be assigned in both screens at the same time. Additionally clicking on a customer or clicking on a group in the relations will open the *Edit Customer* screen or the *Edit Group* screen accordingly.
Accessing a customer or a group provides no back link to the relations screen.
Customers ↔ Groups Relations Reference
When assigning a customer to a group or vice versa, several permissions can be set as connection between a customer and a group. The following permissions are available by default:
Same Customer
Gives customer users group based access to tickets from customer users of the same customer (ticket ``CustomerID`` is a ``CustomerID`` of the customer user).
Use this screen to add groups to the system. A fresh OTRS installation contains some default groups. The group management screen is available in the *Groups* module of the *Users, Groups & Roles* group.
Group Management Screen
Manage Groups
To add a group:
Click on the *Add Group* button in the left sidebar.
Add Group Screen
Groups can not be deleted from the system. They can only be deactivated by setting the *Validity* option to *invalid* or *invalid-temporarily*.
To edit a group:
Click on a group in the list of groups.
Edit Group Screen


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