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To assign some customer users to a customer:
Click on a customer in the *Customers* column.
Select the customer users you would like to assign to the customer.
Change Customer User Relations for Customer
Before **OTRS** version 7.0.14 it was only possible to enable or disable access to company tickets for customer users for every customer user back end via ``CustomerUserExcludePrimaryCustomerID`` parameter. It was not possible to select the primary customer ID, because it was assumed to be always there anyways, and for the same reason it is still not possible if ``CustomerUserExcludePrimaryCustomerID`` is disabled for that customer user back end.
In order to allow privilege separation for customer users of a common company, it should be possible to remove access to tickets of the same company and then individually reassign access to specific customer users. Then these customer users have company ticket access while all others do not.
To allow privilege separation for the customer users of the same company:
Search for the setting ``CustomerDisableCompanyTicketAccess`` and enable it to make sure not all customer users get access to company tickets until the configuration is finished.
Remove the comment (# character) from the beginning of the line contained ``CustomerUserExcludePrimaryCustomerID`` and set the value to ``1``.
Set *Customer Users ↔ Customers* relations for customer users who need to have access to company tickets.
Search for the setting ``CustomerDisableCompanyTicketAccess`` and disable it to allow access to company tickets only for customer users configured in step 5.



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