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Every agent's account should belong to at least one group or role. In a fresh installation, there are some pre-defined groups available:
Allowed to perform administrative tasks in the system.
Qualified to access the stats module of OTRS and generate statistics.
Agents should belong to this group, with read and write permissions. They can then access all functions of the ticket system.
Use this screen to add roles to the system. A fresh OTRS installation contains no roles by default. The role management screen is available in the *Roles* module of the *Users, Groups & Roles* group.
Role Management Screen
Manage Roles
To add a role:
Click on the *Add Role* button in the left sidebar.
Add Role Screen
Roles can not be deleted from the system. They can only be deactivated by setting the *Validity* option to *invalid* or *invalid-temporarily*.
To edit a role:
Click on a role in the list of roles.
Edit Role Screen
If several roles are added to the system, use the filter box to find a particular role by just typing the name to filter.
Role Settings
Roles ↔ Groups
Use this screen to add one or more roles to one or more groups. To use this function, at least one role and one group need to have been added to the system. The management screen is available in the *Roles ↔ Groups* module of the *Users, Groups & Roles* group.
Manage Role-Group Relations
Manage Roles ↔ Groups Relations
To assign some groups to a role:
Select the permissions you would like to connect the role to groups with.
Change Group Relations for Role
To assign some roles to a group:
Select the permissions you would like to connect the group to roles with.
Change Role Relations for Group


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