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Every state is linked to a type, which needs to be specified if a new state is created or an existing one is edited. The following types are available:
pending auto
State types are predefined and cannot be changed in the software due to their special mechanics. When adding new states for *pending auto* and *pending reminder* state types you must make further configurations in the *System Configuration* module of the *Administration* group.
The following configuration options are relevant and noteworthy when managing states:
Providing the correct and consistent answer all the time regardless of employee or knowledge-level is important to maintain a professional appearance to your customers. Additionally, speed in sending standard answers is key to wading through the masses of requests in growing service desks.
OTRS templates offer you a variety of ways to deal with standardizing communications and help to pre-define texts so that the customer always receives the same level and quality of service from all agents.
Use this screen to add templates for use in communications. A fresh OTRS installation already contains a template by default. The template management screen is available in the *Templates* module of the *Ticket Settings* group.
Template Management Screen
Manage Templates
To add attachments to a template, it needs to create the attachment first in the :doc:`attachments` screen.
To add a template:
Click on the *Add Template* button in the left sidebar.
Add Template Screen
To edit a template:
Click on a template in the list of templates.
Edit Template Screen
To delete a template:
Click on the trash icon in the list of templates.
Delete Template Screen
If several templates are added to the system, a filter box is useful to find a particular template by just typing to filter.
Template Settings
There are different kind of templates that are used for different purposes. A template can be:
To be used as a ticket response or reply.
To be used for new phone or email ticket.
To be used for writing an email to a customer user or to someone else.
This translation Translated OTRS 7/Administration Manual Click on the *Add Template* button in the left sidebar.
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Translated OTRS 7/OTRS::ITSM Manual Click on the *Add Template* button in the left sidebar.
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