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Role Settings
Roles ↔ Groups
Use this screen to add one or more roles to one or more groups. To use this function, at least one role and one group need to have been added to the system. The management screen is available in the *Roles ↔ Groups* module of the *Users, Groups & Roles* group.
Manage Role-Group Relations
Manage Roles ↔ Groups Relations
To assign some groups to a role:
Select the permissions you would like to connect the role to groups with.
Change Group Relations for Role
To assign some roles to a group:
Select the permissions you would like to connect the group to roles with.
Change Role Relations for Group
If several roles or groups are added to the system, use the filter box to find a particular role or group by just typing the name to filter.
Multiple roles or groups can be assigned in both screens at the same time. Additionally clicking on a role or clicking on a group in the relations screen will open the *Edit Role* screen or the *Edit Group* screen accordingly.
Accessing a role or a group provides no back link to the relations screen.
Roles ↔ Groups Relations Reference
When assigning a role to a group or vice versa, several permissions can be set as connection between a role and a group. The following permissions are available by default:
Users with this permission type will only be able to observe chats in a channel after they have been invited.
Users with this permission type will be able to take part in a chat, but only after they get invited to it.
Users with this permission type will be able to accept chat customer/public requests and do all kinds of observer and participant actions on a chat.


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