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OTRS allows you to assign :term:`group` permissions to a :term:`customer`. Access works just the same as for agents, preventing a customer from modifying and viewing a request. Thus allowing the customer to focus on the results of the original communication and funneling the discussion through one ticket.
Assign a single customer user to a group using :doc:`customer-users-groups`.
Use this screen to add one or more customers to one or more groups. To use this function, at least one customer and one group need to have been added to the system. The management screen is available in the *Customers ↔ Groups* module of the *Users, Groups & Roles* group.
Manage Customer-Group Relations
Manage Customers ↔ Groups Relations
To be able to use this feature, you have to activate its setting first.
Enable Customer-Group Support
To assign some groups to a customer:
Select the permissions you would like to connect the customer to groups with.
Change Group Relations for Customer
To assign some customers to a group:
Select the permissions you would like to connect the group to customers with.
Change Customer Relations for Group
To change customer default groups:
Click on the *Edit Customer Default Groups* button in the left sidebar.
Add or modify groups in setting `CustomerGroupCompanyAlwaysGroups`_.
``CustomerGroupCompanyAlwaysGroups`` System Configuration Screen
These groups are automatically assigned to all customers.
If several customers or groups are added to the system, use the search box to find a particular customer or use the filter box to find a particular group by just typing the name to filter.
Multiple customers or groups can be assigned in both screens at the same time. Additionally clicking on a customer or clicking on a group in the relations will open the *Edit Customer* screen or the *Edit Group* screen accordingly.
Accessing a customer or a group provides no back link to the relations screen.
Customers ↔ Groups Relations Reference
When assigning a customer to a group or vice versa, several permissions can be set as connection between a customer and a group. The following permissions are available by default:
Same Customer
Gives customer users group based access to tickets from customer users of the same customer (ticket ``CustomerID`` is a ``CustomerID`` of the customer user).
Use this screen to add groups to the system. A fresh OTRS installation contains some default groups. The group management screen is available in the *Groups* module of the *Users, Groups & Roles* group.
Group Management Screen
Manage Groups
To add a group:
Click on the *Add Group* button in the left sidebar.


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