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Delivery date
Date of receipt
Set the following :doc:`../administration/system-configuration` settings:
``Author`` → *1 - Enabled*
``DateOfReceipt`` → *1 - Enabled*
``DeliveryDate`` → *1 - Enabled*
``ISBN`` → *1 - Enabled*
``Price`` → *1 - Enabled*
``Status`` → *1 - Enabled*
``Supplier`` → *1 - Enabled*
``Title`` → *1 - Enabled*
``Book`` → ``Title,Author,ISBN``
``General`` → ``Status``
``Order`` → ``Price,Supplier,DeliveryDate``
``Shipment`` → ``DateOfReceipt``
Don't forget to deploy the modified system configuration settings.
Now, go back to the *Process Management* screen and click on the *Create New Process*. Fill in the required fields.
Book Ordering - Create New Process
The new process is created. You can add some process element now.
Create User Task Activity Dialogs
Click on the *User Task Activity Dialogs* item in the *Available Process Elements* widget in the left sidebar. This action will expand the *User Task Activity Dialogs* options and will collapse all others doing an accordion like effect. Click on the *Create New User Task Activity Dialog* button.
Book Ordering - User Task Activity Dialogs
In the opened popup screen fill in the *Dialog Name* as well as the *Description (short)* fields. For this example we will leave all other fields as the default.
Book Ordering - Add User Task Activity Dialog
To assign fields to the user task activity dialog simple drag the required field from the *Available Fields* pool and drop into the *Assigned Fields* pool. The order in the *Assigned Fields* pool is the order as the fields will have in the screen. To modify the order simply drag and drop the field within the pool to rearrange it in the correct place.
In this example we will use:


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