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Select which :doc:`../users-groups-roles/groups` can access the calendar.
Depending on the group field, the system will allow users the access to the calendar according to their permission level.
Read only: users can see and export all appointments in the calendar.
Move into: users can modify appointments in the calendar, but without changing the calendar selection.
Create: users can create and delete appointments in the calendar.
Read/write: users can manage the calendar itself.
Validity \*
Set the validity of this resource. Each resource can be used in OTRS only, if this field is set to *valid*. Setting this field to *invalid* or *invalid-temporarily* will disable the use of the resource.
Calendar Ticket Appointments
Define rules for creating automatic appointments in this calendar based on ticket data. To add a new rule, click on the *Add Rule* button.
Calendar Settings - Ticket Appointments
Start date
Select a start date for the ticket appointment.
End date
Select the end date for the ticket appointment.
Queues \*
Select one or more queues to narrow down for which tickets appointments will be automatically created.
Search attributes
Additional search attributes can be added for further filtering by selecting an attribute and clicking on the ⊞ button.
By default, these events can trigger an update of a calendar appointment:
Import Appointments
If at least one calendar have been added to the system, it is possible to import some appointments into the calendar.
To import some appointments:
Click on the *Import Appointments* button in the left sidebar.


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