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Package Manager Screen
Manage Packages
The installation of packages which are not verified by the OTRS Group is not possible by default.
You can activate the installation of not verified packages in the system configuration setting `Package::AllowNotVerifiedPackages`_.
Install Packages
To install a package from online repository:
Select an online repository from the drop-down in the left sidebar.
Click on the *Update repository information* button to refresh the available package list.
Select a package from the *Online Repository* widget and click on the *Install* in the last column.
Follow the installation instructions.
After installation, the package is displayed in the *Local Repository* widget.
Online Repository Widget
The repository list can be changed in system configuration setting `Package::RepositoryList`_.
To install a package from file:
Select an ``.opm`` file from your local file system.
Click on the *Install Package* button.
Local Repository Widget
Update Packages
To update a package from online repository:
Check the available packages in the *Online Repository* widget if there is *Update* in the *Action* column.
Click on the *Update* link.
Follow the update instructions.
After updating, the package is displayed in the *Local Repository* widget.
To update a package from file:
Select an ``.opm`` file which is newer than the installed package.
To update all packages:
Click on the *Update all installed packages* button in the left sidebar.
This feature reads the information of all defined package repositories and determines if there is a new version for every installed package in the system and calculates the correct order to update the packages respecting all other package dependencies, even if new versions of existing packages require new packages not yet installed in the system.
If there are packages installed that do not have a corresponding repository defined in the system, they can not be updated by this feature and will be marked as failed (due to the missing on-line repository).
Reinstall Packages
If at least one of the package files are modified locally, the package manager marks the package as broken, and need to reinstall.
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Click on the *Install Package* button.
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Click on the *Install Package* button.


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