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To edit a salutation:
Click on a salutation in the list of salutations.
Edit Salutation Screen
If several salutations are added to the system, use the filter box to find a particular salutation by just typing the name to filter.
Before invalidating this object, please go to the *Queues* module of the *Ticket Settings* group and make sure all queues using this setting are using a valid object.
Salutation Settings
The text that will be placed to the beginning of new emails.
Salutation Variables
For example, the variable ``<OTRS_CUSTOMER_DATA_UserLastname>`` expands to the customer's last name to be included in something like the following.
Service Level Agreements
Your organization must meet the time demands of your customers. Timely service matters. Response to questions, updates on issues, and solutions must be provided in an agreed amount of time. The agent must receive notification of possible breaches, to prevent ticket escalation.
OTRS scales well with your needs and offers management of service level agreements (SLAs). OTRS provides you with the possibility to create numerous service level agreements covering all of your service and customer need. Each :term:`SLA` can cover multiple services and define the availability of service and escalation periods.
Use this screen to add service level agreements to the system. A fresh OTRS installation doesn't contain any service level agreements by default. The service level agreement management screen is available in the *Service Level Agreements* module of the *Ticket Settings* group.
Service Level Agreement Management Screen
To use this feature, `Ticket::Service`_ must be activated in the :doc:`../administration/system-configuration` under the *Administration* group to be selectable in the ticket screens. You may click on the link in the warning message of the notification bar to directly jump to the configuration setting.
Manage Service Level Agreements
Adding service level agreements requires, that at least one service is added to the system. Create services in the :doc:`services` screen.
To add a service level agreement:
Click on the *Add SLA* button in the left sidebar.
Add Service Level Agreement Screen
Service level agreements can not be deleted from the system. They can only be deactivated by setting the *Validity* option to *invalid* or *invalid-temporarily*.
To edit a service level agreement:
Click on a service level agreement in the list of service level agreements.
Edit Service Level Agreement Screen
If several service level agreements are added to the system, use the filter box to find a particular service level agreement by just typing the name to filter.
Service Level Agreement Settings
SLA \*
Select one or more of the :doc:`services` to be assigned to this SLA.
Dialog message
Is being displayed if a customer chooses this SLA on ticket creation (only in the external interface).


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