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Default setting for overtime.
Default setting for the standard weekly hours.
Default status for new actions.
Default status for new projects.
Default status for new users.
Defines the projects for which a remark is required. If the RegExp matches on the project, you have to insert a remark too. The RegExp use the smx parameter.
Determines if the statistics module may generate time accounting information.
Edit time accounting settings.
Edit time record.
For how many days ago you can insert working units.
If enabled, only users that has added working time to the selected project are shown.
If enabled, the dropdown elements in the edit screen are changed to modernized autocompletion fields.
If enabled, the filter for the previous projects can be used instead two list of projects (last and all ones). It could be used only if TimeAccounting::EnableAutoCompletion is enabled.
If enabled, the filter for the previous projects is active by default if there are the previous projects. It could be used only if EnableAutoCompletion and TimeAccounting::UseFilter are enabled.
If enabled, the user is allowed to enter "on vacation leave", "on sick leave" and "on overtime leave" to multiple dates at once.
Maximum number of working days after which the working units have to be inserted.
Maximum number of working days without working units entry after which a warning will be shown.
Project time reporting.
Regular expressions for constraining action list according to selected project. Key contains regular expression for project(s), content contains regular expressions for action(s).
Regular expressions for constraining project list according to user groups. Key contains regular expression for project(s), content contains comma separated list of groups.
Specifies if working hours can be inserted without start and end times.
This module forces inserts in TimeAccounting.
This notification module gives a warning if there are too many incomplete working days.
Time Accounting
Time accounting edit.
Time accounting overview.
Time accounting reporting.
Time accounting settings.
Time accounting view.
Time accounting.


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