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Period Begin
Period End
Days of Vacation
Дни от отпуска
Hours per Week
Часове през седмицата
Authorized Overtime
Оторизиран извънреден труд
Start Date
Дата за начало
Please insert a valid date.
Моля въведете валидна дата
End Date
Дата за край
Period end must be after period begin.
Крайният период трябва да бъде след началото на периода.
Leave Days
Оставащи дни
Weekly Hours
Седмични часове
No time periods found.
Няма намерени времеви периоди.
Add time period
Добавете период от време
View Time Record
Преглед на времевия запис
View of
Преглед на
Previous day
Next day
No data found for this day.
Няма данни за този ден.
Can't insert Working Units!
Last Projects
Can't save settings, because a day has only 24 hours!
Can't delete Working Units!
This Date is out of limit, but you haven't insert this day yet, so you get one(!) chance to insert
Incomplete Working Days
Successful insert!
Error while inserting multiple dates!
Successfully inserted entries for several dates!
Entered date was invalid! Date was changed to today.
No time period configured, or the specified date is outside of the defined time periods.
Please contact the time accounting administrator to update your time periods!


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